Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Update on Fiesta Fool, not stolen, just towed!

So, it wasn't stolen, just towed to the NYC impound lot! Figures, bonehead parks it on the street with a note saying "Climb on and take a pic!" and probably neighbors complained or the guy didn't altenate side park. Either way, the idiot's car wasn't stolen.

But you gotta wonder why Scott Monty from Ford's PR department, who's Tweeting about these things, couldn't get the facts straight? There was a Fiesta stolen, in DC, but there were updates saying the stolen vehicle was spotted on I-95 near Port Chester NY.

And what about the GPS? Considering the car has been sitting in the impound lot for 10 days, FoMoCo couldn't track it via GPS? It would be one thing if the car was in a shipping container ala Gone In 60 Seconds, but just sitting on the impound lot?

Read the AutoBlog update linked in title and ask yourself why did this get all the buzz?
I realize Twitter Updates aren't the AP, but couldn't someone from FoMoCo have gotten updated information to the various blogs following this? AutoBlog, Jalopnik, some mean guy over at MyFordDreams? Ok, I can understand not telling the last guy. Even though he does follow on Twitter and did ask for information a week ago.

Update: Scott Monty of FoMoCo left a comment; Ford didn't have all the facts and in all fairness Twitter is not a Press Release.

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Scott Monty said...

We just got the info today. The GPS data were mixed up and we had been tracking the wrong vehicle (which I reported last week).