Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ford must NOT be tempted to react to Chrysler fire sale with Cash on the hood!

I'm sure you're all reading the same news as I have, about how Ford may be picking up sales while the image of domestic competitors takes a beating. After Chrysler anounced the Murder of 796 dealers last week, it is assumed that those lame duck dealers will set their prices ablaze to avoid being suck with units that other Chrysler dealers are sure to reject. And GM is heading down the same road later this year. Ford is getting quite a bit of positive press and internet buzz lately, because of the tremendous amount of new and improved product out now or coming in over the next two years. From the Fiesta Movement buzz, to the new Coyote V-8 and EcoBoost, it's all looking very good for Ford. Nobody is saying their out of the crosshairs of the economy, but I've said it before and I'll say it again, Ford has been working their plan and will continue to move forward.

And while I read today that Ford is going to offer some incentives to Chrysler and GM owners trading in their vehicles for new Fords, I would hope that they don't go for the quick buck and stay the course. I know it's easy for folks like me, who don't live and die by the sales of cars, but Ford's been able to avoid Federal Relief to this point by doing the right thing. Dealers and FoMoCo will be tempted to entice these paniced GM & Chrysler owners, but just keep it low.
It looks like so far it's less than $1,000 per deal, and you can read the article here at the Detroit News
Ford's got the lineup, including hybrids, to entice buyers and is riding a wave of good press, but let's not forget that waves crash to the shore in the end. Ford wants to keep their eyes open or they'll land on the rocks.

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