Sunday, May 31, 2009

MyFordDreams and MyFordDreams Classic, think Coke and you'll get it

As part of changes going on here at MyFordDreams, one of the first is the renaming of my original blog to MyFordDreams Classic. I started blogging April 2005 over there and then moved over to this blog when I was having problems. I'm hoping that with other changes in the future this will help avoid confusion.
I'm going to be making other minor changes, that hopefully won't confuse things further.
MyFordDreams2 will be MyFordDreams from now on. There will be a new URL, but I'm staying here on Blogger, it's been a very reliable platform.
Busy weekend, but over the next week there'll be improvements that may not be visible at first.
And to prospective advertisers, email me at

Update! Now this site now has it's own web address !

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