Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thinking about the CAFE standards and the Mustang..

You know, most of the news about the Mustang has been good lately. New powertrains promissed and great styling. But with the anouncement of new Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards it got me thinking. What would be a really great idea?

How about this, a 2.0 EcoBoost powered Mustang! How about that 275 hp Explorer America concept's twin turbo 2.0? Now, here me out here folks. I know the 5.0 will be dishing out 400 hp and that's a great thing for the GT. But how about the turbo 4 for the Pony Mustang? Isn't the rumored Ranger replacement coming with a 1.8 l EcoBoost ? And that will ahve 175 hp 180 lb ft of torque. So, sine they'll be doing the work to fit an EcoBoost in a rear wheel drive vehicle already, how hard could it be to do it in a Mustang? You could have 3 levels of Mustang, the Base with the EcoBoost I-4, a mid level with the EocBoost V-6 and the GT with the Coyote V-8.

Just a middle of the night thought. Well maybe a dream really, but isn't that what I do.

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