Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Maybe the Ranger isn't going to die in the US?

Now that I've gotten bak into the MyFordDreams saddle, I'm getting up to speed with some of the news. I know that Igor, a frequent commentor and fanatic Blue Oval fan, had mentioned rumors of a Ranger Replacement, but Pickup Trucks . com has a piece (linked in title) about a possible replacement that would be truly "Global" unlike the current Ranger line up.
We all know that the North American Ranger is the same basic unit for over a decade. And I posted recently explaining that even if Ford wanted to they won't be able to sell it in the United States, because of safety and emissions standards in our near future.
I had complained that we weren't getting the new Thai built Ranger ( Mazda BT-50) that was available globally outside North America ( United States & Canada, although available in Mexico). But Pickup Trucks . Com says that much like the Fiesta, a new Global Ranger could be on the way for 2012! Just about time too. My 1999 unit may want to retire by then. Not that it's showing any signs of problems, but who keeps a truck 13 years?
Now, one major point I found interesting, was the mention of an EcoBoost powertrain for the US.
A 1.6 liter unit? But making 175 hp and 180 lb ft of torque sounds right for a base powerplant.
I know the concept Explorer America was supposed to be an EcoBoost 4 cyl, but I thought I read it was 2.0 liter and putting out 200 hp? Maybe that will be an uplevel motor in a new Ranger?
Maybe a V-6? But no mention of the 2 available Diesels that the rest of the world gets.
Jump over to Pickup Trucks . Com and see the article and spy photos. It's wearing Mazda BT-50 body panels, but it's suposed to be a new Global Ranger, to replace the current Thai unit and BT-50 I assume.

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