Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some changes and hopefully improvements to blog

MyFordDreams has come a long way since April of 2005. It started on one page http://myforddreams.blogspot.com and sprouted spin offs like Star Trek, must not as succesful.
I've changed templates in the past and updated deleted links over the years. But now I'm catching up on some other items. For one, you'll notice labels/tags on each post and on the sidebar. This is to help you look at what else I may have posted on that subject.
I've also added a Blogs I read section, a reccomended sites section and ads.
There's a feature that lets you follow this blog as well.
More changes are in the pipeline, and I'm going to try and stay ontop of things around here.
Sure, I was quiet for a while, but I'm back and Ford is doing better, so it's time to "Dream" again.

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