Monday, May 25, 2009

I was mentioned in a book?

Strategies and Tools for Corporate Blogging By John Cass (Amazon link in title) mentions me and my blogs? I'm actually surprised. I remember several years ago helping a grad student who was doing a research paper on blogging, maybe it's the same guy? I read a Google Books preview and learned some things that I hadn't known. MyFordDreams predates TheCarConnection, LeftLaneNews and several other more famous blogs.
The Auto Prophet and Brian from are mentioned as well. And here we are all still plugging away. So while AutoBlog and Jalopnik are the heavyweights, it's still nice to know I've gotten noticed over the years.


RaceDriven said...

I know exactly what this is, I did an interview with a college student years ago on teh auto industry and some Motorsports I believe, that's cool to see, I might just have to get this book.

Big Ford Fan said...

Brian, I remember being interviewed by the grad student, but wasn't sure if this was his name.

Either way, it is cool that we were mentioned!

RaceDriven said...

I am trying to get a copy of it, but only has it for $30, so I am looking around for another price tag.