Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pony Car battle on YouTube from Motor Trend. I guess I'm going to stop carping about the IRS

A friend of mine told me about this so I looked it up on YouTube. Based on this video maybe I'll stop carping about the lack of Independant Rear Suspension.!

MyFordDreams is now please link to me!
And to all my blogging friends and associates could you at your convenience adjust links.
I know the old url will work, but I'm hoping to avoid confusion in the future.
Aslo this blog is now MyFordDreams, not MyFordDreams2. The old blog is now MyFordDreams Classic!

The Mustangs you see when you don't have a camera! Damn!

So, today is a beautiful near summer day and I was out running errands this morning, when I come to a red light. I hear before I see a row of SVT Mustang Cobras and other modified pony cars and as is Murphy's Law, that's when I realise I've left my camera at home. Doh!
It was 9:30 am and the road was empty as 20-25 very nice examples of Dearborn's greatest rolled by me. The sound of Superchargers and tuned exhaust filling the semi-industrial area with music to my ears.

I had even bought a small digital camera like this one just for this type of thing.
But dumb me I brought it in the house to download some photos from a party and left it on my desk.

MyFordDreams and MyFordDreams Classic, think Coke and you'll get it

As part of changes going on here at MyFordDreams, one of the first is the renaming of my original blog to MyFordDreams Classic. I started blogging April 2005 over there and then moved over to this blog when I was having problems. I'm hoping that with other changes in the future this will help avoid confusion.
I'm going to be making other minor changes, that hopefully won't confuse things further.
MyFordDreams2 will be MyFordDreams from now on. There will be a new URL, but I'm staying here on Blogger, it's been a very reliable platform.
Busy weekend, but over the next week there'll be improvements that may not be visible at first.
And to prospective advertisers, email me at

Update! Now this site now has it's own web address !

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Big Thanks to fellow bloggers!

Over the last few weeks as I've been resurecting MyFordDreams I've recieved advice and assistance from several of my fellow Automotive Bloggers, The Auto Prophet, Brian of and Gary of TheGarage and while I've sent individual thanks to them via e-mail, I'd like to take the time to publicly thank them and advise you to check their great blogs linked on the sidebar.

When I started in 2005 there was an explosion of Automotive bloggers, some who've fallen along the way. Today some of those guys are professionals at AutBlog, and other mainstream sites. But even the mainstream writers would take a moment and help out the non-professional guys. Dave Thomas of Kicking Tires @ started the Blog for Auto Bloggers and there were notables from Jalopnik and AutoBlog there as well. There was a real sense of community. And there was a thing called the Carnival of Cars, a weekly roundup of the Auto Blogging highlights. If I'm not mistaken this had been handled by various guys over the years, including Gary of The Garage, The Auto Prophet and Mark Tapscott.

There have been low points to blogging, like when "Splogs" would scrape content and repost it on sites designed to generate income with no original content. But there have been high points as well, such as when Bill Daschele, a graduate student did a survey and wrote about the auto blogging scene. And we've even been mentioned in a book on corporate blogging by John Case, which I mentioned a few days ago.

Some guys get paid to do this, many of us do this out of passion for the subject. I've recently started to attempt to monetize my blog, by accepting advertisements. I've even tested the waters of partnering with a professional site. There will be improvements to MyFordDreams and some minor changes ( maybe even some major changes) but it will still always be My Dreams and there will always be some level of personal passion about it.

Again I'd like to thank The Auto Prophet, Brian V and Gary G for their assistance and encourage you to check their pages as often as possible. And in a shameless plug for myself, tell all your friends about MyFordDreams.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Car Connection has story about Ford offering SYNC updates to customers for free

Don't you hate when you're the first one on the block to buy that hi-tech gadget and then they release an improved version that blows yours away? Well Ford recognizes this and wants customers that have bought SYNC equipped vehicles already and those contemplating a purchase now to rest easy. They're offering free updates/upgrades via Inernet downloads.
When did cars become i-Phones? Updates, apps and such are new ideas to a dinosaur like me, but we evolve or die. And this is the type of news that gives me confidence that when I buy my new Ford I won't have regrets every six months ( or less these days) when the next new fangled gadget is available.

Jalopnik checks out Tranist Connect, MFD gets out the soap box again

So, Jalopnik and other sites have been given a chance to get a hands on look and drive of the new Ford Transit Connect small commerical vehicle. Click the link in title to read the entire piece, while I get out my soap box and start to preach. The Transit Connect, based on the Euro Ford Focus platform and powered by a 2.0 DuraTec 4 cyl gets 22 mpg city and 25 mpg hwy all while hauling up to 1,600 lbs. That's a great payload. It's not quite long enough for lumber and many ladders, but it would be great for many delivery businesses and in my opinion would make a great Taxi as seen here at the New York Auto Show last year.
The Econoline is iconic and a dinosour. I'm not a van guy, I own a Ranger pickup, but I've driven vans in my line of work for the last 20 years, both Chevy and Ford. On a side note, the Econoline is was far far better than it's Chevy competition if you had to drive one for work. But they are big even the E-150. I drove an E-350 (1998) for several years and it was tough and dependable, but I would have killed for something like the Transit Connect on some days. Sure, when you have to lug 10ft lengths of pipe and ladders to a job, you need the E-350. But most days running to a supply house, it was overkill. And on those rare trips downtown Manhattan, it was a nightmare. The Transit Connect won't replace the Econoline, but it will be attractive to many business that don't need the overkill.

And who knows, if the Transit Connect works out, maybe some companies would be interested in moving up to the Transit van. A very good choice to replace the Econoline. The Transit is the big brother and world wide equivalent of the Econoline. Globally the Transits use mostly Diesel powertrains and are available in multiple chassis and drivetrain combinations including 4x4.
Now that Dodge isn't part of Daimler , I wonder if they'll still be selling the Sprinter? If not, Ford could sell Transits to fleets that have purchased Sprinters in the past and aren't keen on buying Mercedes or Freightliner ( who also sell the Sprinter.)

In this economy the slogan Buy American, isn't just a Protectionist rant

Over the years many people including the media have made the slogan "Buy American" seem like a Protectionist phrase spouted by Right Wing loonies and Pro-Unionist. But in the new reality, it's actually more important than that. We're all reading the stories about Chrysler Bondholders and now GM Bondholders who have been "holding up" the process of getting these companies back on their feet. But let's examine who some of those bondholders are, not all of them, some of them. It's you and I folks, it's our Pension Funds, Annuities and Retirement portfolios, even if you didn't check the box saying I want to invest in the auto industry. Even if you drive a Honda or Toyota or BMW, you have money invested in the domestic auto industry, like it or not. And let's not forget that with Chrysler and GM you're going to be defacto part owners as well.
It's not Xenophobic in these times to say Buy American, it's common sense. And I don't want to argue where the "American" cars are made or that foreign makers like Honda, Toyota, Hyundai and Mazda, among others make vehicles here. I'm going to make this argument very very simple. Do you want to retire? Do you want that 401k or Pension to be worth even half of what it is today? Well, then suport the domestic auto industry and in turn help yourself.
Nobody cries foul when told that most cars sold in Asian countries are made there. Nobody shouts "No Fair!" when we hear that in Italy Fiat is very popular, or that Renault and Citreon/Peugot are major players on their home turf. Is it any surprise that Volkswagen is doing so well in Germany? No, of course not, around the world, other people realize that by buying domestically produced products they're supporting their own economy. And that's true even if a German buys a VW made elsewhere or an Italian buys a Fiat made in Poland. The money, the profits go back into their domestic auto industry and their government coffers in the way of taxes.
So, you buy what you want, I don't care. But my next vehicle will be a Ford. Not just because I love Ford, I've owned Chevy, Honda, Chrysler and Mazda products over the years, but because I want to be able to retire with something and I'm hoping beyond hope that GM & Chrysler will pay back some portion of their loans. I'm hoping that I won't have to work until the day before they put me in a box. I'll buy American so that I can enjoy something over a "Developing Nation" lifestyle in the future.
Still want a Prius over that Ford Fusion Hybrid? Good for you. I KNOW Ford's quality is on par with foreign automakers. But hell, even if it wasn't, just like those crazy Yugo lovers from Eastern Europe, I know I want to retire with something.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Resurecting the Capri in UK? Focus based Scirocco fighter, bet we won't see this.

Autoblog has a quick piece on the possible resurection of the Ford Capri (linked in title) and they referrence a UK publication Auto Express.  It's been over 20 years since the Capri was on the market, but it's not a tainted nameplate, the Capri was a European interpretation of the Pony car. But the new one won't be a pony car, or rear wheel drive.
Speculation is that it will be based on the next generation Focus.  With either of two EcoBoost Fours, 1.6 or 2.0 liters.  Well, if you needed to base it on any platform, you could do much worse than the Euro Focus.  It looks like FoMoCo has another revived classic in their sites.
They're gunning for the Not for US VW Scirocco. Based on the already proven VW Golf GTI.
And while I'd usually gripe that we're not getting this, I'll pass on the premium price of either as long as we can get a perfomance version of the already hot hatches they're based on. 

All this talk of cool little Ford couples has me jonesing for my Reflex fix! 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I know I can seem tough on Ford sometimes, but it's tough love

It's like a tough love here at MyFordDreams, there's no doubt I love Ford, but from my criticism some could get the wrong idea. I'm not trying to tear them down, I'm trying to put a fire under their rear. So, let's talk about what I look forward to over the next few years.
I'm looking forward to the new small cars like the Fiesta and new "global" Focus. There has been talk about a new Ranger that will be coming. I'm thrilled about this. Rumors have been that the Fusion and Mondeo will merge in the future, another great thing. The true globalization of Ford's lineup looks like it's well underway.
Ford's advancement of new technologies like EcoBoost and further development of their Hybrid program are all great. Ford's increase in quality over the last few years is a plus. There's a lot to look forward to. But when can we expect an IRS in the Mustang?
Unlike professional journalists and bloggers I don't have to pull my punches out of fear that I won't get invited to test drive the latest and greatest. I already don't get invited. I have the freedom of a true Ford Fanatic to say it like I see it and how I'd like to see it.
Sometimes it's a good thing to be the little guy that nobody cares about.

Carscoop has further details about the Idiot who's Fiesta wasn't stolen

Self described Fun Consultant The Idiot ( I'm not using his name cause I don't want to give him any more exposure) has quite the history. Hell, there's even a Wikipdia article on him and of course he has multiple websites. This whole "Help your car was stolen!" twipisode seems like nothing more than a publicity stunt. As you know, the car was actually impounded by NYC.

Was it P.T.Barnun who said there's no such thing as bad press? I guess Ford's thinking was along the same lines with the Fiesta Movement. Let's see if we hear about The Idiot getting the Fiesta back. Maybe Ford should move to the B-Team, before their Fiesta ends up in the East River.

Has it really been 20 years? Seems like yesterday

So, I'm reading all over, The Garage, AutoBlog and Jalopnik for example, about the MX-5 Miata turning 20 years old this month. And I'm feeling old. Seems like just yesterday the cute little roadster came out. The perfect little fun vehicle, a replacement for all of the MGs, Triumphs and Alphas that just stopped coming. All the charm and fun of a European roadster with the reliability that just wasn't present in it's forebearers. As a kid I dreamed of Triumph TR6s, MGBs and Spitfires, but I had heard of the unreliable nature of these classics. One of my best friends was a FIAT man and had several Fiat 124 Spiders. He needed several, you know why, cause if he wanted to drive one, his luck would be better that one of them would start.

When the Miata first came out all the guys thought it was just a girls car, that is until they saw them winning SCCA events and drove them. I remember driving my brother's 2002 (?) Miata Limited Edition, what great handling car, with just enough power to feel zippy. And this past holiday weekend, a friend tossed me the keys to his brand new MX-5 with the retractable hardtop, to make a beer run, since I don't drink he knew it would be safe. And the instant smile could be seen as I zipped down the road.

Has it really been 20 years? Damn I'm old. One of these days I'll get a Miata, probably used, just as a weekend toy.

Sync improvements may allow me to get my Mojo on the run!

There's been a lot of buzz about Ford and Microsoft's new SYNC system, including the story about CEO to CEO delivery of a new Ford Fusion Hybrid, which Scott Monty corrected me on, was a real purchase that Steve Balmer made. And not being a real Tech Guy, SYNC originally didn't appeal to me.
But of course I now have an MP3 player, a Bluetooth Cell Phone and having seen all the rave reviews I look forward to experiencing SYNC in my next Ford purchase. I have a portable hard drive that will plug right into the USB port and give me days of music, never mind just the MP3 or Flash Drive, I'll be bringing the digital equivilent of my entire CD collection and then some!
But there's more! SYNC now will rival OnStar with their 911 assistance and of course it's integrated into the Nav system as well.

There's been a lot of buzz about SYNC being able to stream Internet Radio as well.
And Pandora is mentioned in quite a few pieces I've read. I checked Pandora, it's ok, I guess.
It's a "music discovery" service. You plug in artists or songs you like and it creates a playlist just for you. No really my cup of tea. If Im going to listen to Internet Radio, I'd prefer something just a little more unique.

And if SYNC can stream Pandora, I'm sure it'll be able to stream KMRL Mojo Radio Live as well.
I've been listening to KMRL for years and it's got a default rotation, but it's also got DJs, you remember those right? On Air Personalities if you prefer, but no commercials. It's free and it's fun. Pandora is so impersonal, Mojo Radio Live has that certain fun factor you can't get from an MP3 or other Internet "music discovery" services.

So, as I ponder my next Ford purchase ( maybe a Kuga? ) I'll be checking the SYNC system and contemplating getting my Mojo on the next road trip!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sometimes, just sometimes, it's not about the cars..

A couple of years ago I did a series of pieces about the AFA boycotting Ford.
I caught flack for that in the way of emails and comments that I would not publish.
I then made a serious effort to keep it about the cars. But, sometimes, just sometimes it's got to be about more. Sometimes it's time to take a stand. And I stand for what's right.

What will you stand for?

The Car Connection's comparison of Mustang & Camaro needs to take the gloves off

So, I was reading Rex Roy's piece comparing the 2010 Mustang & Camaro. Overal a well written piece, but you know me I have to comment, it's in my nature. First I want to criticise early in the piece when he talks of V6 Mustangs and Camaros being called "Secretary's Cars". First, the Mustang when it was first introduced may have been called that in 64. I personally believe the only one who used that term was Carroll Shelby in an effort to hype his Shelby Mustangs when they came out. But also I'd like to point out that neither the Mustang or Camaro used a "V-6" until 1974 for the Mustang and 1982 for Camaro. Both were initially available with I-6 engines. It's the little details that real car guys notice. And while I agree that the Mustang's styling has had a nice refreshing, I believe Rex needs to take off the gloves on this one. I love Mustangs, but when you love something you have to be extra critical.
And the new 2010 Camaro, especially the LS V-6 model, kicks the pony's ass up and down the block. More base power, 300hp vs 210hp and better fuel economy 29mpg hwy vs 26mpg hwy, are major advantages for Chevy. And let's not forget the IRS! I haven't driven the 2010 Mustang, but I have driven the 05 & 06 models. I also haven't driven the Camaro, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that the fully independant suspension of the Camaro will mean a much more livable and stable ride on rough roads and better handling in the twisties.
So, you're saying "Joe, give the Mustang a chance" and I'm saying that Ford needs to give the Mustang some major improvements. Tough love is love just the same

Mulally delivers Millionth Sync equipped unit to Steve Balmer, from one CEO to another, but how cool would it have been if.....

So, FoMoCo's CEO Alan Mulally presented the millionth SYNC equipped Ford to Microsoft's CEO Steve Balmer today. In what's purely a cross promotional move I'm sure. But that got me thinking, would a CEO drive a Fusion Hybrid? Maybe, probably to get the Eco Cred, but if I was CEO of Microsoft, or any other company I'd want something a little more special...
And that got me thinking, can we expect to see an MKZ Hybrid? I mean why not, Lexus has Hybrids, including their new unit which is a tarted up Prius. But I'd want an MKZ or even an MKS. Well, maybe I'd want a Hybrid MKZ and EcoBoost MKS!

TheCarConnection's review of the 2008 Ranger, with permission

Readers will know of my love for the Ford Ranger and my hopes that a new Ranger will come in the next few years. But with permission of TheCarConnection I'm linking to and reposting a detailed review they did of the 08 Ranger.
UPDATE, edited to comply with Fair use, see the review at link in title
Reason Why:
The most direct competitors for the Ranger are the GMC Canyon/Chevrolet Colorado compact trucks. The Ranger has a smoother V-6 engine, but the GM twins have an optional five-cylinder engine with more power. The Canyon and Colorado also offer a true four-door model with a back bench seat, though it's uncomfortable for long trips. The Mazda B-Series is a version of the Ranger that Ford supplies to its Japanese partner; you may prefer the B-Series' styling.
The Bottom Line:
The 2008 Ford Ranger’s best, highest use is as an inexpensive work truck or off-road play toy. Anything else exposes the flaws in its seating, its fuel economy, its available features and in its performance.
Marty Padget, the Executive Editor wrote the above. And there are even more detailed information available on their sidebar. I'm trying something new here. Since I don't have access to new vehicles to review them, I spoke to TheCarConnection and I'm trying this out.
There could be more coming as we develop a relationship over the coming weeks, I'll keep you updated if this works out.

Update on Fiesta Fool, not stolen, just towed!

So, it wasn't stolen, just towed to the NYC impound lot! Figures, bonehead parks it on the street with a note saying "Climb on and take a pic!" and probably neighbors complained or the guy didn't altenate side park. Either way, the idiot's car wasn't stolen.

But you gotta wonder why Scott Monty from Ford's PR department, who's Tweeting about these things, couldn't get the facts straight? There was a Fiesta stolen, in DC, but there were updates saying the stolen vehicle was spotted on I-95 near Port Chester NY.

And what about the GPS? Considering the car has been sitting in the impound lot for 10 days, FoMoCo couldn't track it via GPS? It would be one thing if the car was in a shipping container ala Gone In 60 Seconds, but just sitting on the impound lot?

Read the AutoBlog update linked in title and ask yourself why did this get all the buzz?
I realize Twitter Updates aren't the AP, but couldn't someone from FoMoCo have gotten updated information to the various blogs following this? AutoBlog, Jalopnik, some mean guy over at MyFordDreams? Ok, I can understand not telling the last guy. Even though he does follow on Twitter and did ask for information a week ago.

Update: Scott Monty of FoMoCo left a comment; Ford didn't have all the facts and in all fairness Twitter is not a Press Release.

Monday, May 25, 2009

I was mentioned in a book?

Strategies and Tools for Corporate Blogging By John Cass (Amazon link in title) mentions me and my blogs? I'm actually surprised. I remember several years ago helping a grad student who was doing a research paper on blogging, maybe it's the same guy? I read a Google Books preview and learned some things that I hadn't known. MyFordDreams predates TheCarConnection, LeftLaneNews and several other more famous blogs.
The Auto Prophet and Brian from are mentioned as well. And here we are all still plugging away. So while AutoBlog and Jalopnik are the heavyweights, it's still nice to know I've gotten noticed over the years.

TTAC is digging FoMoCo's grave prematurely in my opinion

Over at The Truth About Cars, they're taking up shovels and getting ready to put FoMoCo in the grave and I think the constant "Death Watch" series they've been doing these last few years have gone to their heads. Some of the reasons Edward Niedermeyer says Ford will fail are their not being on the Uncle Sam payroll will be a disadvantage when competing with GM and Chrysler in the future. Also the fact that the upcoming Focus EV will based on technology developed by OEM Supplier Magna, that will not be exclusive. Read the article linked in the title for yourself, but again I think the guys over at TTAC have just become reliant on their hopes that the big 3 will die. I'm not a journalist like them, but I dn't see a true reliance on Electric Cars as they do. Sure, all the manufacturers will have to make them to qualify for credits toward their CAFE, but if history has tought us anything, it's that the Internal Combustion Engine and it's ability to refuel on long trips will always be superior to pure Electric Vehicles.
Hybrids will be a better compromise and Ford is positioned better than GM or Chrysler in this segment. And let's not forget the EcoBoost program and Ford's research into Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines. While I'll admit that Ford isn't out of danger yet, they have been able to decrease the number of dealers, lower labor costs, reshuffle their product mix and invest in alternative energy technology and are following a plan that will allow them to return to profitability within 2-3 years. And the Department of Energy loans for alternative technologies will be as available to them as to anyone else.
Sometimes I believe the guys at TTAC have become dependant on their Death Watches to the extent they'll be disappointed when Ford doesn't fail.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New page to cover e-Bay auctions

As you may know from earlier posts, I've opened an e-Bay account to sell some collectibles, like the baseball cap signed by Carroll Shelby pictured above. And so I've added a new page to the MyFordDreams family (linked in title) MyFordShops, so I can post pics and details of those auctions.
Not all items are auto related. Like this item which is a picture disc of the BBC series Dr Who.
I've watched Dr Who since I discovered it 1976. It was on the air from 1963 to 1989 or so and they've re-established the franchise with the new series and spin offs.
What can I say, in this economy we're all doing what we can to stay afloat, MyFordDreams is no differetnt. I'm sure you've noticed that I've started to accept advertisements on the blog. All auto related and sites that I feel would be a benefit to my readers.
Don't worry, I'm not going to compromise the integrity of my blog. I'll still be giving you all I have to say about FoMoCo. And with this new page, I won't be blogging here about the auctions.

Ford's latest green effort, seat fabrics from recycled plastic bottles..

In the article from Reuters linked in the title, they're discussing Ford Motor Company's latest efforts to be green...... Making seat fabrics from recycled bottles. I applaud the effort, but want to remind folks that this is just the latest in a long history of Ford's cutting edge ideas on being green.
From the earliest days of Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford was concerned about sustainable energy and alternative technologies. Look it up for yourself or go through my archives to read all about his research into uses for Soybeans in production materials and even as fuel. Bio Fuel over 80 years ago. Look up BaekOLite ( check spelling before you do) that was plastic alternative made from soybeans. Ford Motor Company has visited these ideas many times over the last 100 years. While I consider Bill Ford to be a more agreeable person than his great grandfather, his eco friendsly ideas do seem to be in his DNA. I can't recall the vehicle now, but I've seen photos from the late 40's/early 50's showing a concept Ford built using Soybean materials for interior materials.

And not long after Bill Ford took over in 1999 he rolled out the Model U concept, which again showcased alternative material usage.

And then there's the Reflex! I love when I can slip a Reflex into a post. Welll, back to the Green factors. The Reflex concept showed a Diesel/Hybrid powertrain with solar panels in the roof and an interior heavilly fitted with recycled materials, in this case I believe old sneakers.
So, while it's obvious many manufacturers are now trying to develop "Green" technology, let's not forget that it's been in FoMoCo's DNA for a hundred years.

With one of the best real world Hybrids (2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid) and research and development on Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines, Recycled materials and alternative energy. Ford's no new comer to the game. I hate to bash another makers, but it's Sunday and not many people will be reading this. My neighbor recently bought a Saturn Vue Hybrid and he's quite smug about it. I didn't have it in my heart to point out that his "Mild Hybrid" system is quite frankly a joke compared to Ford's system in the Escape and especially the new Fusion.
I may not like the putz, but there's no need to pee on his parade.
Look up for yourself how Ford's history is one of inovation and safety.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ford must NOT be tempted to react to Chrysler fire sale with Cash on the hood!

I'm sure you're all reading the same news as I have, about how Ford may be picking up sales while the image of domestic competitors takes a beating. After Chrysler anounced the Murder of 796 dealers last week, it is assumed that those lame duck dealers will set their prices ablaze to avoid being suck with units that other Chrysler dealers are sure to reject. And GM is heading down the same road later this year. Ford is getting quite a bit of positive press and internet buzz lately, because of the tremendous amount of new and improved product out now or coming in over the next two years. From the Fiesta Movement buzz, to the new Coyote V-8 and EcoBoost, it's all looking very good for Ford. Nobody is saying their out of the crosshairs of the economy, but I've said it before and I'll say it again, Ford has been working their plan and will continue to move forward.

And while I read today that Ford is going to offer some incentives to Chrysler and GM owners trading in their vehicles for new Fords, I would hope that they don't go for the quick buck and stay the course. I know it's easy for folks like me, who don't live and die by the sales of cars, but Ford's been able to avoid Federal Relief to this point by doing the right thing. Dealers and FoMoCo will be tempted to entice these paniced GM & Chrysler owners, but just keep it low.
It looks like so far it's less than $1,000 per deal, and you can read the article here at the Detroit News
Ford's got the lineup, including hybrids, to entice buyers and is riding a wave of good press, but let's not forget that waves crash to the shore in the end. Ford wants to keep their eyes open or they'll land on the rocks.

Coffee time with the FIESTA MOVEMENT videos on YouTube

So, after a hellish week, working 12 hour overnight shifts at my real job, how do I spend my relaxing Saturday morning? Why sitting in my boxer shorts with an extra large Dunkin Donuts coffee ( the best! screw Starbucks) watching Fieasta Movement videos on YouTube.

Ok, so you didn't need that visual, well some of you may have, but most of you are now weezy at the thought of a middle aged stocky/hairy man in boxer shorts. Well, I've always said, I'm not Jalopnik or AutoBlog. Sometimes you get a glimpse into my life. Not much, just a teaser.

But seriously, I've been anticipating the Fiesta for a long time, check check my archives here and at and you'll see for yourself. And I got up way too early, so it's coffee and feeding my Blue Oval addiction.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Brian at always has the latest on Motorsports..

I wrote a piece the other day lammenting about the loss of the "regular guy" blogger on the automotive scene. Well, it's not as bleak and barren as I had insinuated. And I completely forgot to mention Brian V of ( link in title ) who's been blogging for probably as long as I have. So, I thought I'd spread a little blog love and direct you over to him. He's got nice site, posts some interesting and informative stuff and is truly a fanatic about motorsports. One of the real gentlemen of blogging.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Here's a good source of Focus info (Euro Focus)

We're all painfully aware that the Focus we have here in the US isn't the same as sold everywhere else around the globe. And as we anticipate the arrival of the truly "global" Focus in a couple of years, I offer you a good source to see what we could be getting. David M of Auto-Future blogs from the UK and I've been reading his blog for quite a while now. He's written several excelent pieces on the future Focus and always has some interesting CGI as eye candy.

He blogs about all brands and it's interesting to read a perspective from the UK.

When did I catch the Blue Oval bug? Why am I such a Ford Fanatic?

Every now and then I do these personal nostalgia pieces, sue me, I'm just a guy and this is just my blog. It would be cool if I was AutoBlog or Jalopnik, with the latest news and great pictures, but it's just me. So, I was thinking, I do that a lot, about how did I become such a Ford Fanatic?
I was born in 1965, the fifth child of a middle class Irish American Family from New York City. And the very first car I ever rode in was a Ford! My parents bought a 1963 Fairlane the year before I was born and we had that car until I was 5 or 6. I guess that could be part of it. But my dad wasn't a gearhead, he didn't even drive when I was very little. My mom always joked that she was the one that drove away from the church when they got married! By the way, that was in a 1957 Ford ! Being born in Washington Heights it was not that common to have a car in those days, but at one point before we left for the suburbs our family had 2! And of course they were both Fords.
Being a family of 7 with the Fairlane was fine, except when we do our family vacations with all the lugage. So, every summer my dad would swap cars with his brother and we'd take his 66 Country Squire to various places from Plymouth Rock to Gettysburg. And that's when I fell in love with Country Squires. Weird kid huh? Most little boys would be wanting the Mustang or Corvette, I wanted the big woody! Uncle John's was black with the wood of course and blood red inerior. And Uncle John's good friend and neighbor worked for Ford at the Mahwah New Jersey plant! And later my cousin John Jr Worked there. And I'll never forget cousin John's 66 Mustang, he was always working on that. Both my grandfathers were Chevy guys, go figure?

And then in 1972 or 73 my Mom bought our first Pinto! And again I fell in love. And you're thinking I'm crazy now aren't you. Well, I love Pintos and don't care what the world thinks. In the late 70's my dad bought a 73 Pinto wagon used from our neighbor and I was hoping that would be mine someday. But my older brother got it and by the time I was driving it was gone.
My parents had started out Ford owners but over the years drifted, buying GM and Chrysler vehicles. Like many dads, mine got on a Slant-6 phase, buying several Darts/Valiants and even talking both my sisters into Aspen/Volare territory. But back to me, my first Ford was a 1967 Ford Fairlane while I was in High School, by this time we were suburbanites and a multicar family was putting it mildly. Over the years most of my family strayed from the Blue Oval path even I did a couple of times. But I've had at least 9 Ford vehicles, including my own Pinto, a 79 that I learned to drive stick shift on. Lots of fun there.

I became such a hardcore Ford guy it was driving my poor parents mad. At one time I had 4 Ford products in their driveway, 77 Versailes, 78 T-Bird, 88 Festiva and 91 Mustang LX 5.0, not to mention the Chevy Truck I had. And you know how it is, when you have old cars, the hood would be off one of them and my tools were all over the garage. I think the ultimate expression of my Ford fanaticism was in 1998 When I made my personal Hajj to Dearborn and the Ford Motor Company World Headquarters. And while I did go to the Henry Ford Museum and other points of interest, I really mean the Headquarters building. It was a 2 day drive, stopping in Cleveland half way and I dragged one of my best friends, who's not a car guy. And I made sure I actually went into the building, went to the company store and bought a bunch of crap.

So, I guess it's in my DNA to a certain point. I only learned recently that my mom's father worked at a Ford asembly plant when he first came over from Ireland. But it was also environmental, with so many family members driving Fords. Ford has always been part of my life. Ok maybe now it's an obsession, but I haven't elevated to stalker level. I mean it's not like the local Ford dealer has a restraining order against me or anything. But I would explain why just over 4 years ago I started these blogs. Why I started "dreaming" so to speak. For a while I dreamed of an 05 Mustang. But I've always loved all Fords.

With my damaged DNA, this would represent the ultimate Ford, if you stuck an SVO Mustang drivetrain in it that is. It would combine my love of the blue oval, Pintos and Coutry Squires.
How cool would that be? A sleeper Pinto Squire with SVO power!
And so I blog, and hopefully someone reads.