Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fiesta finally??

Could it be true? Igor, a frequent commentor here, has been saying so for a year and of course there have been rumors. But now AutoBlog is reporting on a Motor Trend article saying that the Ford Fiesta will be coming here to the US a year after it's freshened version comes out in Europe. And it's not going to get the Dave treatment. The Fiesta could look something like this Auto Express CGI from the UK. It's Kinetic DNA from Europe intact.
Well, maybe things are looking up at FoMoCo. I read recently that the new Edge CUV is doing very well, Fusion/Milan sales are slowly but steadily rising and I've seen quite a few new Escapes on the road. Is it enough? I don't know, but signs are slowly improving at Dearborn.
Maybe MyFordDreams won't all be nightmares? But I still vow that if the Interceptor sedan comes to market iwth a solid rear axle, I will loose all interest in the Blue Oval and never buy a Ford branded car again!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jalopnik has news about Lincoln MKS, why am I not thrilled?

Jalopnik (and AutoBlog) has a piece on the Lincoln MKS, well actually a disguised test mule and speculation that it could have up to 380 hp from a twin turbo version of Ford's new 3.5L V6. And you wonder why I'm not thrilled right? I mean a Lincoln with 380 hp! Well lets start with that. You know FoMoCo doesn't have the stones to actually produce a car with that much power, even with all wheel drive. And despite the MKS not being the ugliest car I've ever seen, it's not the most awe inspiring either.
And lets face it kids, it's just a pimped out 500/Taurus. Not that the Taurus is a bad car, but is it a "flagship" vehicle?? Lincoln would be better served by the MKR concept in that respect.

If FoMoCo wants to really make any "Bold Moves" then how about something more like this?
MyFordDreams are turning into nightmares everyday.
It's tough to get jazzed up by half assed efforts, when I know what FoMoCo can do. They have to look no further than their overseas operations for a handbook on how to do it right.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Why it's difficult to be a Ford fan at the New York Auto Show

So, I fnally got to the Javits Center this Friday and while I'm sure you've read about everything on AutoBlog and Jalopnik, but here's my take on the show in general and Ford's offerings in particular. It's getting tough be be enthusiastic about FoMoCo these days. I can take a positive spin and say how nice the Edge/CX9/MKX are, how really impressed I was with the Volvo C30 and how cool the Lincoln MKR and Ford Interceptor concepts looked. The concepts were well received by the crowd, even after a week of the show being open to the public. But as hard as I tried, I just couldn't become one of the sheep and ooh and aah at the Interceptor. It's just a shame really. As the spokesman stood on the rotating turntable dazzling the crowd with specs like "330 hp from the 5.0 Cammer engine" I could not help but want to puke my guts up when he with a straight face tried to excite the crowd with " and underneath, you'll find the Mustang multi link rear suspension with solid rear axle. What??? Hold on, solid rear axle?

And the story got no better at the turntable for the new Shelby GT500KR. An improved multi link rear supsention and solid axle. And for the incredible markup we can expect from dealers over list price, you get only about 25 more horsepower, a different hood and other minor improvements. So let's guess that the list price will be about $50k and that like the GT500 dealers will shaft you for another $20k. If you're gonna screw me like that, at least kiss me first!
In 2004 when the 05 Mustang was rolled out and I saw it at Nashville Super Speedway for the 40th Aniversary celebration, I like many was so excited to see it, that I appologized for FoMoCo's failure to equip the Stang with an IRS. The rationalization was that at the lower price point for a Mustang GT it was the best bang for the buck you could get! Well that was 2004, this is now.
And in this market if Ford tries to bring the Interceptor to market without an IRS then they deserve to go down the toilet. Seriously, Chrysler/Dodge have the 300/Magnum/Charger all with more power and IRS. GM is bringing the Pontiac G8 with more power and IRS. Ford sells the Falcon/Fairmont in Australia with more power and IRS. See what I'm saying?
Ford will be signing their own obituary if they bring a rear wheel drive sedan to market here in North America without an IRS! I hope to god that someone at FoMoCo can see this.
I will go further with this, if FoMoCo does come out with a RWD sedan and it doesn't have IRS like every one of their competitors, then I will never buy another Ford Branded product in my life! And I will advise anyone who asks to follow my lead. If they want to die a misserable death, so be it! But they can't say they didn't see the trends in the market place or that they couldn't design an IRS that would work. They have no farther to look than the Control Blade IRS used in Australia!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

MojoRadioLive to revamp and relaunch in May

Several months ago, I told you about MojoRadioLive KMRL Radio and Internet Radio station. And the Mojo went in for a bit of a tuneup and is getting to kick off again in May.
I've seen and heard some of the shows, and heard good things about the others, some of the station favorites such as DJ DarkStar, WebKyttn, Bug, Grey's Garage and the Gimp are returning and there will be some new shows .
So, head on over to MojoRadioLive at the link in the title and check it out.
I've heard from a reliable source that there may be some Car Talk from time to time.

Just when I was starting to warm up to Mulally, he goes and pulls a bonehead move like this.

Over at AutoBlog they've got a piece, indluding two videos, showing Ford CEO Mulally caught in a lie, where he makes President Bush look foolish. Now, if your company is doing poorly and wants to work with the Government and this administration, to improve your situation, then you don't attempt humor at the President's expense. Simple really, even if you're angry at the administration and frustrated that things aren't going your way, you don't do this.
Just when I was thinking that Mr Boeing Boy was getting with the program, he pulls this bone head move. Way to go Alan! You dumbass!
Now, I don't care what your politics are, you have to recognize that this was not a smart move.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Holy crap, AutoBlog has Volvo C30 pricing

The closest we can get to this in the US is the new Volvo C30, and now.............
Autoblog has fairly comprehnsive pricing information on the new Volvo C30, the 3 door version of the Ford Focus based S40. And I'm impressed with several things. First is the fact that the Turbo 5 will be the only engine, and putting out 227hp. Second is the base price below $23,000.

But try and add a few options and the price jumps real quick!

And as impressive as 227 hp is, the MazdaSpeed3 beats that by over 20 hp for around the same price, with more standard equipment.

Now for my money, and that's what's important to me, the Mazda is the beter deal. Hell, my 3 Cost less than the base price of the C30 and it's loaded with the exception of auto trans and DVD navigation!! Sure I only have 160 hp, but those heated leather seats and 6 disc CD stereo help smooth things out when I open my power moonroof in January. And I've got 2 more doors.

Don't get me wrong, the Volvo is nice, but what I really want is the Focus ST from Europe.

Funny how Ford can sell the C30 and Speed3 here in the US for under $25k, but not the ST.