Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jalopnik has news about Lincoln MKS, why am I not thrilled?

Jalopnik (and AutoBlog) has a piece on the Lincoln MKS, well actually a disguised test mule and speculation that it could have up to 380 hp from a twin turbo version of Ford's new 3.5L V6. And you wonder why I'm not thrilled right? I mean a Lincoln with 380 hp! Well lets start with that. You know FoMoCo doesn't have the stones to actually produce a car with that much power, even with all wheel drive. And despite the MKS not being the ugliest car I've ever seen, it's not the most awe inspiring either.
And lets face it kids, it's just a pimped out 500/Taurus. Not that the Taurus is a bad car, but is it a "flagship" vehicle?? Lincoln would be better served by the MKR concept in that respect.

If FoMoCo wants to really make any "Bold Moves" then how about something more like this?
MyFordDreams are turning into nightmares everyday.
It's tough to get jazzed up by half assed efforts, when I know what FoMoCo can do. They have to look no further than their overseas operations for a handbook on how to do it right.


Shawn said...

I think there's room for both because they are so different. Mondeo is more sleek & European. Maybe a Ford badge or Mercury. I think Ford will bring Mondeo to the States.

Lincoln is positioning itself to go up against the Japanese...and MKS is well suited for that. Personally, I don't like Japanese Luxury, but they sell a lot of cars.

I know I'm in the minority, but I rather see a true American luxury car and American style. Big Big Big RWD car with a V8.

Igor said...

well. they do have to finish off the products in the pipeline .. the MKS will not "singlehandedly revive" Lincoln, but it will add another good product to the lineup that will sell and bring in money.

The MKS is actually quite far from the Taurus - sure the basic architecture will be shared, but the car has different proportions (lower roof line, longer wheelbase, and wider track). It also shares not a single visible piece with the Taurus - not even a semblance (unlike say the ES v. Camry).

And about the "bold move" - you will like to know that the next generation 2012 Fusion and the next generation 2013 Mondeo will not only share platform, but will very likely be close to re-badges.

This trend will start next year with the Fiesta, and continue with the new Focus the year after that.

Oh .. and the Twin Turbo V6 is a done deal .. no need to speculate that it sounds too good to be true - it is true ..

MKR is still in the pipeline - but not approved yet.


Anonymous said...

enough "jellybean" cars! Bring on the big and brash- like the Interceptor concept. Personally, I liked the Lincoln Continental concept a few years back; American to the core.