Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Holy crap, AutoBlog has Volvo C30 pricing

The closest we can get to this in the US is the new Volvo C30, and now.............
Autoblog has fairly comprehnsive pricing information on the new Volvo C30, the 3 door version of the Ford Focus based S40. And I'm impressed with several things. First is the fact that the Turbo 5 will be the only engine, and putting out 227hp. Second is the base price below $23,000.

But try and add a few options and the price jumps real quick!

And as impressive as 227 hp is, the MazdaSpeed3 beats that by over 20 hp for around the same price, with more standard equipment.

Now for my money, and that's what's important to me, the Mazda is the beter deal. Hell, my 3 Cost less than the base price of the C30 and it's loaded with the exception of auto trans and DVD navigation!! Sure I only have 160 hp, but those heated leather seats and 6 disc CD stereo help smooth things out when I open my power moonroof in January. And I've got 2 more doors.

Don't get me wrong, the Volvo is nice, but what I really want is the Focus ST from Europe.

Funny how Ford can sell the C30 and Speed3 here in the US for under $25k, but not the ST.


WebKittyn said...


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Yes, yes you would!

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lauren said...

Nice choice. Though i'm also a volvo fan, i would also choose mazda 3. It's cheaper, practical and has more features. But how's the performance? I'm thinking of trading in my volvo after replacing volvo fan blade