Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fiesta finally??

Could it be true? Igor, a frequent commentor here, has been saying so for a year and of course there have been rumors. But now AutoBlog is reporting on a Motor Trend article saying that the Ford Fiesta will be coming here to the US a year after it's freshened version comes out in Europe. And it's not going to get the Dave treatment. The Fiesta could look something like this Auto Express CGI from the UK. It's Kinetic DNA from Europe intact.
Well, maybe things are looking up at FoMoCo. I read recently that the new Edge CUV is doing very well, Fusion/Milan sales are slowly but steadily rising and I've seen quite a few new Escapes on the road. Is it enough? I don't know, but signs are slowly improving at Dearborn.
Maybe MyFordDreams won't all be nightmares? But I still vow that if the Interceptor sedan comes to market iwth a solid rear axle, I will loose all interest in the Blue Oval and never buy a Ford branded car again!

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igor said...

interceptor as shown at auto shows will not be produced.. MKR has a chance, but Interceptor was not received well enough and Ford NA is once again flip-flopping on RWD platform - now, importing the upcoming Australian Falcon platform (Orion) is more likely than the Mustang based sedans - but no decisions yet.

about the Fiesta .. the EU Fiesta we will get will not be merely "facelifted" it will be all new ..

PS: thanks for the plug.