Sunday, June 03, 2007

MyFordDreams floundering? Getting long in the tooth?

As much as I still jones for a Reflex fix, is MyFordDreams floundering? It's been a month since I last posted anything and it was touch and go before that. Don't get me wrong my love of things Ford is still strong, but there hasn't been a lot of good news to write about. And I'm just tired of doing nothing more than bitch about what's wrong with Ford's lineup. For 2 years I've blogged at MyFordDreams and MyFordDreams2, but I'm not sure I have it in me anymore.
There are others outthere who get paid to do this, I don't. This has always been a labor of love for me. But where's the love? Where is the warm feeling for Ford? Like Ford's sales, the interest is slipping. I love what Ford does overseas, the Fiesta, Focus, Mondeo, Falcon and much much more. But with the exception of endless special Mustang models what do we have to look forward to in North America? Sure, we're supposed to get a Fiesta in 09, and sales of some of the new product like the Edge and Fusion are improving, but what excitement is there?
It's tough doing a blog called My Ford Dreams when those dreams are becoming nightmares.
I've also got other projects I'm involved in that don't tie in to MyFordDreams, so I can't honestly say what the future of this blog is. Nor can I see much interest from others either.
I remember when I interacted with other bloggers and would get the ocassional e-mail from Ford employees and fanatics, but now all I get in comments is spam and e-mails are no better. Not like the heyday of MyFordDreams when Jalopnik and AutoBlog would refer to pieces I had done on the Focus and Fiesta. I still get a bit of traffic on this blog, mostly people doing Google searches on Ford products and that's great if this can be of some help or interest to those people, but I can't get jazzed up by what's happening at FoMoCo these days.
So, I'll be back, but not as often and with less fire. Unless something amazing happens in Dearborn soon. MyFordDreams isn't dead, yet....


Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,

Don't get discouraged. Your blog gives us hope. I only wish Ford would listen. I write to them all the time, but get nothing back but silly prepared paragraphs.
Ford's taking sides on the Homosexual Agenda really hurts them here in the South. Their PR department must be brain dead--to advise the company to take sides on deeply controversial issues--it can't help but hurt them.
I have been a Ford guy for almost 50 years. You would think they would be interested to hear what one of their most loyal customers thinks of what is happening at Ford. But, no, they don't seem to care.

To let the Ranger die with virtually no improvements in 15 year is inexcusable. Don't they know there is a huge demand for a mid-size suburban pickup?

The Auto Prophet said...


Yeah, things are slowing down a bit.. the auto blogger world has become more commercial, with few of us "amateur" bloggers left. I think the blogging trend is cooling off in general, because as you already know, doing a good job takes a lot of time!

Anonymous said...

We need you here, fighting the good fight. It shouldn't be over, until or unless Ford is dead and buried.

Here's one topic for you:


Big Ford Fan said...

I want to thank you all especially The AutoProphet and Jeff, for your comments. I'm not ready to hang it up yet, but things will be getting slower here.

Hoping Ford starts making some "Bold Moves" soon.


ihusa said...


HIRE ME !!!!

I will use your (our? :D) blog to vent my info about Ford ..

I would love to be able to write bits and pieces about Ford, about articles about Ford etc ...

I am still excited, and I think this would be .. ehm Cool :D

let me know.


Big Ford Fan said...

Igor, I am tempted by your offer, but MyFordDreams has always been a very personal creation. I've admired your comments on this blog and your posts on the forums. I would strongly urge you to start a Blogger Blog of your own. It's free and easy and for the most part fun. There's always room for more Automotive blogs.

MyFordDreams is not dead, even if it has seen healthier days. But I regretfully must decline your generous offer. But please please start a blog of your own and I'll link to it on my pages and promote it to other bloggers.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel,only about real cars,Chevs, that is.(had to get that one in,heh heh)...I don't blog but the frustration of watching a car company you've grown up with and had some good vehicles out of just keep stepping on their privates does get tiring,doesn't it...Even when they do have a potential hit(new Camaro) you'll know they'll just build totally loaded ones ,so the younger guys(and girls) whom they should be chasing after,won't be in the market.....You know how it used to go,first you pick up a used Chevy II,then maybe splurge for a new Camaro when you were employed better after hi school.Once they had you then when the wife and kids came,you traded in on the Impala,and so and so on..You may substitiute Fords of your choice of course in the last bit :).....And for both Co's,a word of advice: take out ALL of your accountants and upper management,and get CAR people back in..And just shoot out of hand the down grading teams ,who do the cost cutting on the interiors,especially...big al