Sunday, September 07, 2008

If Ford sells one of these, I'll buy it

I love Ford, but I'm not loving what's out in the showrooms now. Well, I like the Fusion, and of course the Mustang. But if I was looking to replace my Mazda 3 now, I'd want something I can't get right now. I'd want the Kuga! I'll take mine with either a 2.0 EcoBoost or TDI. Oh, don't forget the 6 speed manual trans.
I'd consider the Mondeo with either of those powertrains also.
I need a 5 door or CUV wagon. The Reflex and Fiesta sound good on paper, but I want something that 4 adults can ride in comfort and that we can take on vacation with all our crap.
I also want fuel economy that matches or beats the 30 MPG I get from my 3.
Ford, you have until the spring of 2011 to get me what I want. Are you interested in keeping my business? Or do I have to change my "Dreams" ?