Sunday, September 07, 2008

If Ford sells one of these, I'll buy it

I love Ford, but I'm not loving what's out in the showrooms now. Well, I like the Fusion, and of course the Mustang. But if I was looking to replace my Mazda 3 now, I'd want something I can't get right now. I'd want the Kuga! I'll take mine with either a 2.0 EcoBoost or TDI. Oh, don't forget the 6 speed manual trans.
I'd consider the Mondeo with either of those powertrains also.
I need a 5 door or CUV wagon. The Reflex and Fiesta sound good on paper, but I want something that 4 adults can ride in comfort and that we can take on vacation with all our crap.
I also want fuel economy that matches or beats the 30 MPG I get from my 3.
Ford, you have until the spring of 2011 to get me what I want. Are you interested in keeping my business? Or do I have to change my "Dreams" ?


Anonymous said...

Just saw the new Mazda a machine.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. We just blogged about this last week.

Joe, is there an email address where I can contact you?

Anonymous said...

You're in LUCK!
(or did you plan this?)
by Spring 2011 most of the first generation of Fomoco's global small vehicles should be intro'ed.

Grant said...

You're not alone. I was covering the Seattle Auto show last week and was looking for "the one" from the Big Three. Ford was trying to show off the Flex, but it might have been painted in invisible ink.

Is there a reason you're not a big fan of the Focus? It's not sexy by any means and a bit cramped, but it's probably the closest to the 3 in terms of MPG at least.

Otherwise, if you can wait, the hybrid Fusion looks promising at 40mpg and rumor mill 200hp. Plenty of room for the luggage and tikes. As for pricing.. I think that's where a surprise might be if the Volt is any indicator.

National Transport said...

You know- despite the fact that the car industry pretty much sucks right now, it's still nice to see Ford making an effort...

Anonymous said...

I've waited a long time to see a diesel worth my hard earned money, and I ended up buying the hard to get Jeep Liberty 2.8L Turbo Diesel. I've been very pleased with it and gives great fuel mileage. Unfortunately since Benz and Chrysler dont talk nice anymore its no longer manufactured with the Benz Diesel engine. You can still find used 2005 and 2006 models though. I've gotten about 20-23 miles in the city and 25-30 miles on the highway on long trips. I'ts been a nice vehicle running 2WD, Auto with the Jeep standard lever for 4WD. Just my 2 cents.