Friday, December 19, 2008

End of Days? Thankfully not for Ford

I've been away a long time, don't expect many folks to still be reading this blog, but what the hell. With what seems like the end of days I was at least comforted to know that Ford feels they can survivie. As noted by Mulally himself in the press release at AutoBlog ( linked in title).

With all the gloom and doom, there is hope on the horizon, there are products that folks will want to buy, that will get better economy and can be competative.

I've had my own personal issues to deal with and backed away from blogging. For a while there I really wasn't following any news. So I've been happy to read about the new Ford Fusion Hybrid, the prospect of EcoBoost 2.0 engines coming into the line and of course the reality of Ford's "World Car" finally.

It's been a tough year for everyone, and the next year is going to be tough also. But 2010 is a chance for all of us to recover, prosper and grow. Is it time to "Dream" again? Maybe finally it is.

For those that have commented lately, I just moderated, so they should be there. For those looking to advertise on My blogs, sorry, I'm not that active, you wouldn't get your money's worth and I've decided not to go that route anyway.

While I respect my fellow bloggers that have ads, I don't need the pennies.

MyFordDreams has always been my personal views, I'm not a team, it's just me. And if I "Dream" again, it will be just the same.


The Auto Prophet said...

He Joe, glad to see you're back in business. If I was you, I'd take the ad money if it is offered, your time is worth a little something, right? Buy a new PC or camera or something.

Igor said...

nice to see you back ;)

BTW - I have been saying this for the past 2 years. And not all of this is Mulally's doing. Most of the cars we are seeing from Europe in the next 3 years are Fields' and Ford's doing.

BTW - what is your opinion of the new Taurus? It seems to be a different class than you are interested in, but I would still like to know your evaluation .