Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm certain there's a new Ford in My future, but could it be a Hybrid?

Seeing Alan Mulally the CEO of Ford drive the Fusion Hybrid to DC recently and then reading reviews like the one linked in the title from Left Lane News, I've been thinking a Hybrid, especially this one would make so much sense for me. I know I've said before that Hybrids don't make sense for many folks, that have long commutes and don't live in urban areas. But I don't have a long commute and I live in a suburban area. And the improvement the Fusion Hybrid has over past offerings is that it operates on Electric up to 40 mph. Combine that with the 38 MPG city rating and I'm set! I've always liked the Fusion and my driving habits are a perfect match with this car. But can I drive a Hybrid?
I like to shift for myself. My Ranger and Mazda3 are both Manual. And then there's the 4 door sedan thing. I'm weird I guess, I don't really find 4 door sedans useful. My Ranger, well that's just tons of fun and can get through any weather. The Mazda3 is nimble, fun and because it's a 5 door it's versatile. So, what do I do? Ultimately I'd like to go from 2 great vehicles to just 1.

Maybe? Ford Kuga with the EcoBoost 2.0 I-4, 6 speed Manual and All Wheel Drive?
Or should I grow up and let the Fusion shift for me? I'm torn, but at least I'm torn between Fords. Conflicting "dreams" but FordDreams just the same........
I've got a couple of years til I'm buying again.


Anonymous said...

I would definitely go with the Fusion. You can always buy a car of lesser value that is a manual so you can still have some fun. I found an article that you might enjoy reading about the Fusion Hybrid.

Igor said...

Kuga will be in US as 2012 Escape.

As for engines:
base 2.5l I4
optional: 2.0l (or 2.5l) EB
optional: hybrid
AWD will of course remain

I would not hold my breath for a manual (especially with the EB), but it will not be an slushbox either - it will be 6 speed Powershift.

If you can hold out for a bit longer, you will get your wish. But by then, you will also have the new Focus (possibly Focus Hybrid - or a focus based dedicated Hybrid model) to choose from.

Focus will likely have a 1.6l EB (180hp) if you really like the EB thing.