Friday, March 30, 2007

AutoBlog has details on GT500KR and quite frankly, I'm not impressed.

40 more horsepower and a few suspension tweaks. What a steaming pile of crap!
As I said in my last post on this, it's not enough! There will be only 1,000 of them and collectors will snatch them up. But what's really special about it?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ford Shelby GT500KR What's going to make this King of the Road?

I found this over at Jalopnik, and I wonder what's going to make the new GT500KR better than last year's GT500? Is it finally going to get an IRS? Is there going to be more than 500 hp? What's going to make them King of the Road? And what's it going to cost? The GT500 is impressive, there's no doubt about that, but there is room for improvement. I doubt Ford is going to give it the IRS it so sorely needs.

Is this just another way to screw Mustang enthusiasts?? Is this just old money bags Carrol Shelby cashing in again?

I know you're thinking "what kind of Mustang enthusiast are you Joe?" Well, I'm one that's sick of half hearted efforts on Ford's part. I'm also one of the rare enthusiasts that doesn't bow down and whorship at the altar of Shelby. While I respect the cars, he's just a man. Just the first of several to slap their name on the Mustang and overcharge for it. Saleen, Roush, Steeda, all Shelby clones a generation later.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

This video will change your mind about speed! (not really)

I'm posting this video for only one reason, it features Australian Ford Falcons. It's a public service message about the evil of SPEED. While there may be valid points raised, it really won't change the way I drive.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The still unanswered chalenge!

The still unanswered challenge at Ford is the B segment sub-compact. If sales of GM's Aveo, Honda's Fit and DCX's Caliber/Patriot/Compass triplets and assorted other micro cars aren't enough proof, what will it take for Ford to get off the blocks? The Focus is a good car, could be better if we got the Euro/New Focus, like my Mazda3, and not just an "Americanized" refresh and 2 door coupe. I'm not saying the new coupe is a bad idea, but even with the entry price of the Focus ZX3 below $14k and the 2.0L base model achieving 37 MPG, that's not enough!
Well, that's not entirely true, the numbers for the base Focus are very competative on paper, matching the new batch of "B" entries to our market. But still the perception is that Ford has become stale, not just the Focus, but the entire brand. And while the new Edge and renamed Taurus/Taurus X and even the very capable Fusion are fine, they don't address the perception that Ford isn't bringing fresh product to market.
Some of my earliest blog entries were rants about how Ford has a competative model(s) in their European lineup. The Fiesta/Fusion twins.

The Fusion is based on the very good Fiesta chassis, but is about the size of the Fit. It's a really capable five door wagon with room for most family needs. I've seen the Fusion up close and personal when I was in Ireland on vacation and the pictures don't do justice to how nice this is.

And in Latin American markets there's even an all wheel drive soft roader version called the EcoSport. No dual range transfer case or rock crawling gears, but more than suitable for North Eastern snow storms and the ocassional trip to the beach or hiking. No worse than you get from Subaru, as far as "Off Road" capability goes.

There's been much speculation in the automotive press/blogsphere about Ford utilizing the Mazda2 for their B segment model. That's fine with me, since both the Fiesta and Mazda2 are built on the same platform and share powertrains. If it makes the Japan loving press happy to say it's Mazda based, so be it. But in reality, the European/Latin American production would be cheaper to import than Japanese produced models.

This is a photoshopped guess of what the next Fiesta (sporty version) may look like, from Auto Express, a UK auto magazine.

This is a 2006 Fiesta prepared by a tuner for the Euro market.
Bottom line is, at least to me, is that Ford doesn't have time to speculate or delay. If they truly want to be percieved as making "Bold Moves" they need to do something quick and this could be the move they need to make. It's not all about new Super Duty Trucks! With gasoline prices silently rising to $3 per gallon again, it's time to address the weakness on the entry level part of their lineup.
One further thing, I read online today that Mazda is looking to bring a clean diesel to the US market possibly by 2011. Well where do you think Mazda is going to pull that diesel from? Why from Ford of Europe of course! Mazda sources their diesels from the Franco/Ford partnership.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

500 to Taurus etc..

There's been a lot of news about Ford since my last real blog posting. Things that are important to Ford and I haven't had much to say, until now. First I think the change of the 500 to the Taurus is a good thing. The name recognition of Taurus is greater and since the Fivehundred wasn't flying off dealer's lots, it certainly couldn't hurt. Both cars are bread and butter family sedans.
On the other hand, all of the speculation on a new SHO is nonsense. Ford had a good idea with the original Taurus SHO in 1989 and improved it in the second generation. But by the third generation of SHO the magic was gone. I know there are devoted SHO fans that will disagree, but the proof is in the sales history. Even though the SHO 3's V8 has been revised for use in Volvo ( and possibly Lincoln ) models, it's far from Super High Output anymore. Rated at 311 hp in the XC90 it's adequate but again just middle of the pack for small V8s. Ford would be better served by a Fusion SVT with a turbo 2.3 or direct injected 3.5. They won't put the needed power in a Taurus SHO model to make it worthy of the name.

Taurus X? Well again it can't hurt, so why not. The Freestyle is a great wagon, but the name was too close to the horrible Freestar and with it's initial 207 hp V6 it was underpowered and unloved. Now that the 3.5 will be installed, maybe the Taurus X name can redirect buyers to this capable CUV/Wagon.
A further option would be the Volvo/SHO Yamaha V8, just don't lable it SHO.

A more important model for Ford will be a full size rear wheel drive replacement for the Crown Victoria, like the Interceptor concept. Whether it's based on modified Mustang chassis or the Aussie Falcon is of little importance to me at this point. But a must have is an Independant Rear Supension like DCX and GM have/will have in their models.

Ford needs to recognize that Rear Wheel Drive is where many customers want to be. With advances in traction control and stability systems, and the requisite IRS these sedans are four season capable and more desirable. Ford has the parts and technology to make it work from their Australian Falcon/Fairmont models, why so late to bring that to the US Market?

It's really a shame what's going on at Ford, so much of it seems to have been avoidable. We're talking about a world power in the auto industry, a company that put the world on wheels in a very real way! Ford has some very good models on sale across the globe and some great concepts have been presented, but never come to fruition. Don't think that I"ve forgotten my Reflex obsession.
Seriously, it's tough being a Ford fanatic these days, especially when every "Bold Move" seems more like a feeble attempt.

Street Racing Chronicles 3

These two guys have a series of videos spoofing street racing culture on YouTube. This third installment is the best, but all are funny.

What's funnier are the comments below each video.
To see them on YouTube double click on the video here after it starts playing or go to and search for Street Racing Chronicles

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Gone In 60 Seconds Music Video

another music video, this one is the remake film set to RoB Zombie's Dragula.

Gone in 60 Seconds 1974 Car Chases Mix

Someone named Matt Beastly edited down the video from the original Gone in 60 Seconds and set it to music. A really good job.
The original chase was almost half an hour, Matt has done a nice edit/mix.

Bullit - Steve McQueen´s Commitment To Reality [1968]

very good documentary about McQueen's work on Bullit. If only the movie wasn't so bad. Some good footage of McQueen and co-star practicing high speed driving.

Steve McQueen Mustang Commercial

I had posted the McQueen Ford Puma commercial and reffered to this one. This is one of the coolest commercials ever!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

What the??

Japanese anime featuring a 68 Shelby GT500 chasing Mercedes.
I have no idea why or what they're saying, but it's proof that Mustangs, especially Shelby Mustangs are universally cool!!

Bullit chase

OK, I know I've gotten a little YouTube happy, but realy I had to post this.
I mean what Ford fan doesn't love this scene. It's a crap movie, which I just got as a gift from my brother Bob, but it's a must see!!

Kelly Clarkson - GO Video Remix

I hate American Idol, and hardly knew who Kelly Clarkson was, but his video of the song used in Ford ads is cool and features old and new Shelby Mustangs.

1964 Ford Falcon Commercial w/ Peanuts

Even Charlie Brown was pimping Ford products! It's an oldie but good

Ford Cougar TV Commercial Dennis Hopper

Born to be wild?? Well I liked the Cougar, but wild?
This commercial was for Euro market

Ford Puma Steve McQueen commercial

We've all seen the "Field of Dreams" Mustang Commercial where Steve McQueen steps out of the corn, but check this tribute to Bullit with the Euro Ford Puma. Makes me wish Ford had a nice small coupe like the Puma here, or maybe the Reflex!!

Ford Commercial Police chase Shelby GT

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

MyFordDreams back but not as much fight in me

I started blogging for fun, and hoped that in some way I could have my say about the state of FoMoCo. Some people follow sports others follow the stock market. My passion, like many of you, has always been automobiles, anything with 4 wheels, but especially Ford products.

In recent months, I had been slowing down, a simple case of life getting in the way of a hobby.
I don't get paid for this, I don't work in the auto industry or even in a related industry.
I'm just some guy from suburban New York. So who would care what I have to say?
Well I was pleasantly surprised that there are people ( or were people) out there who were interested in what I was saying. And to my amazement some of them were Industry people or other bloggers of the automotive genre. I've been fortunate to interact online with some people who I came to respect and who encouraged me to continue bloggings. People like The Auto Prophet, Bob of CarsCarsCars!, Dave Thomas of MPH Online, Brian of Racedriven, Gary of Garage Blog, and many others that are linked on the sidebar. I actually got a kick out of being linked or mentioned on several of the sites like Jalopnik, CarsCarsCars! and even the Carnival of Cars!

Well, I'm back, but don't know how soon I'll be back up to my old standards. The first few posts are simple video posts from YouTube, something that I've just recently learned how to do, thanks to my friend Kevin. (Hi Kevin!) But my blood is starting to boil again, so hopefully I'll be posting again, expressing my skewed view of what's going on at FoMoCo.

TopGear Ford GT500

I know, this one has been beat to death, posted on many times on many blogs, but it's a cool video. As much as I love Top Gear, it's another reason to punch Clarkson and to a lesser degree Hammond if I ever get across the pond.

1932 Ford Promo Film

Just in the process of getting my blogging legs back. No spirit to start off with the tough stuff, so it's a nice homage to the good old days. I'm not old enough to remember the 32 Fords, but as a young enthusiast, the 32 hot rod Fords were among my favorites. I built many a model of these in my teens. Enjoy....

"VOTE SMART: a warning to all women about hillary clinton" someone has taken the 1984 video a step further

It's amazing what you can find online. Someone took the previously posted parkridge47 video and added another 4 minutes of footage to it, in a major attack on Hillary.

Vote Different-Wayyyyyy off topic, but funny as hell

I know it's been a while, but consider this my first step back into blogging in several months. I had heard about this video on the radio and had to check it out. I'm sure many of you have seen it already and some of you are familiar with the original Apple commercial it is based on.

I'm no fan of Hillary Clinton, but I must say that one smart move she made has been to not go on the attack against it. She actually joked with the press that it distracts people from another video of her singing out of tune. So I hope you enjoy this