Wednesday, March 21, 2007

MyFordDreams back but not as much fight in me

I started blogging for fun, and hoped that in some way I could have my say about the state of FoMoCo. Some people follow sports others follow the stock market. My passion, like many of you, has always been automobiles, anything with 4 wheels, but especially Ford products.

In recent months, I had been slowing down, a simple case of life getting in the way of a hobby.
I don't get paid for this, I don't work in the auto industry or even in a related industry.
I'm just some guy from suburban New York. So who would care what I have to say?
Well I was pleasantly surprised that there are people ( or were people) out there who were interested in what I was saying. And to my amazement some of them were Industry people or other bloggers of the automotive genre. I've been fortunate to interact online with some people who I came to respect and who encouraged me to continue bloggings. People like The Auto Prophet, Bob of CarsCarsCars!, Dave Thomas of MPH Online, Brian of Racedriven, Gary of Garage Blog, and many others that are linked on the sidebar. I actually got a kick out of being linked or mentioned on several of the sites like Jalopnik, CarsCarsCars! and even the Carnival of Cars!

Well, I'm back, but don't know how soon I'll be back up to my old standards. The first few posts are simple video posts from YouTube, something that I've just recently learned how to do, thanks to my friend Kevin. (Hi Kevin!) But my blood is starting to boil again, so hopefully I'll be posting again, expressing my skewed view of what's going on at FoMoCo.


chartguy said...

You have to wonder who's in charge at Ford, sometimes.

Here's my lament: the big Bronco.

I bought my first in 1984 and my fifth in 1994. I still drive the 1994. There's nothing remotely like it anymore.

1) short wheelbase and wide track made it very "tossable". Yes, for soccer mom that doesn't work. Two doors are part of that equation.
2) Front engined 5.0L V8 with a 5-speed stick. Ever try to buy a 4WD with a stick anymore?
3) Body on frame construction. Nothing holds up better on a washboard dirt road.

Big Ford Fan said...

It's seemed like nobody has been in charge at Ford these last few years. I'm not too knowledgable about the new guy Mullaly, but some of what I hear I like.

The Big Bronco was great, that's true, but would it sell today? I think it may in small numbers, but a smaller Bronco like the recent concept would sell better.

I know that when I bought my Ranger 4x4 8 years ago, I had to special order it, because no dealers around my area had a standard shift. But it's the same with Mustangs around here, dealers order nothing but Automatics!

If you like the Big Bronco, you're 100% correct that there is nothing on the market that even comes close, even the GM Tahoe/Hummer H2 and Chrysler Jeeps don't come close to that spec.

Shawn said...

Welcome back!

It seems like the system in place at Ford doesn't really allow them to be flexible enough to adjust to market changes like the Japanese.

I don't think the market will go for a big Bronco. The press is extremely anti-American. Any new trucks or SUVs will start off at a negative before it even had a chance. A small, Wrangler sized Bronco, however, will be incredible.

chartguy said...

The original small Bronco was fine. I don't have a problem with that. The concept was fine, but like so many, it died.