Monday, March 24, 2008

Jalopnik has updated FoMoCo Aussie Falcon/Mustang rumors...

Jalopnik has a piece ( linked in title ) about the latest resurgance of rumors that Ford will use the Australian Ford Falcon as the base for the next Mustang and other rear wheel drive vehicles like the Interceptor. Nothing really earth shattering here, rumors like this have been floating around the net for quite a while. Jalopnik refers to an article in the Detroit News by Bryce Hoffman.
With the emergence of real competition from Hyundai, Chrysler and GM, all with IRS as oposed to the Mustangs live axle, this is something that has been common sense to everyone. Hell I've written about this so often I'm not even going to bother linking to past posts, it would take too long.
The Aussie Falcon just got a redo, but has had the Control Blade IRS for several years. The currency situation makes it expensive to import the cars to the United States, more so that when I suggested it several years ago. But the Detroit News article says they're moving "development" to the US, not importing actual units. The chassis would be developed here in the US, used for the future Australian Falcon, new Mustang and Ford and Lincoln branded sedans. No mention of Mercury there? As Jalopnik points out that's a glaring omission.

A new Mustang and a new Rear Wheel Drive sedan for Lincoln and Ford is good news.
But the artilce says it will be 4 years until they reach market, will that be soon enough?
And what about CAFE requirements? I've said before that the 2.0 EcoBoost I4 should go in the Mustang as the base motor, but how about the Sedans? Well, FoMoCo has the direct injection V6 for them. I'm not sure a V8 is even needed, except for top of the line showcase models.

What about Mercury? Well, I've said before that Mercury should be reimagined as an outlet for Ford Import models like the Mondeo. The Fusion does well for Ford, but as nice as the Milan is and it's sharp, maybe a premium could be charged for the imported Mondeo? I know that the next Mondeo and Fusion should, according to what I've read online, be based on the same platform, but until then, give Mercury dealers something unique.

How about the Ford Kuga as the next Mercury Mariner? Until these platforms are under a US Ford product, use Mercury to bring them here and that can justify the premium prices.
Just my 2 cents.

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that 4 door sedan looks great