Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why buy a Mustang? When will FoMoCo see the light?

Back in 04 when I went to Nashville for the 40th Aniversary of the Mustang and saw the 05 up close and personal I was amazed. The rebirth of a great car! And I bought FoMoCo's line of crap that an IRS would push the price up and keep the Mustang from being competative. It didn't bother me that the base Mustang engine would be the 4.0 V6 from the ranger with 210 hp or that the GT's 4.6 V8 was only putting out 300 hp. But that was 04 and now in 08 Ford had better wake up and smell the coffee!
Ford has an IRS that can handle the power, look no further than their Australian Falcon range.
The Control Blade IRS has been available down under since before he current New Mustang came to market. And now with real competition coming from Detroit and Korea, all with IRS by the way, what does FoMoCo offer us? Not much from where I'm sitting.

Take a look at David that will slay Mustang. The Hyundai Genesis Coupe coming next year.
The V6 model will have over 300 hp meeting the Mustang GT on power and pricepoint, but with the IRS the Mustang so sorely lacks. And what really kills me is the base engine for the Hyundai will be a Turbo Direct Injection I4 putting out 212 hp! Oh and by the way it will also have the IRS. I've been saying for a whle, that FoMoCo needs to put an IRS under the Mustang and when I first saw the power of the MazdaSpeed3's 2.3 Turbo Direct Injected I4 I said SVO Mustang! I'd read online that FoMoCo will use the upcoming 2.0 EcoBoost I4 as the base engine for a future Explorer, great news since it will be putting out well over 200 hp, but why can't that be the Mustang's base engine?

Even GM sees the light! Check the article here at AutoBlog to see how Bob Lutz is suggesting that they could put a 2.0 Turbo Direct Injection engine in a version of the Camaro. And why not, if it's the new Cobalt SS turbo putting out 260 hp!

And what does FoMoCo have in store for us? A new Bullit Mustang and a mild refresh in 09?
I have some advice for them, get the Control Blade, put it under the Mustang, take the 2.0 EcoBoost I4 make it the base engine for the Mustang, take the Turbo Direct Injected 3.5 stuff that in the Mustang and if you insist on a V8 make sure that has 400 hp!
It's frustrating being a Ford fan, it really is. I wonder if Dearborn has any clue what they're doing.


Anonymous said...

These cars are all great I think there trying to go back to the old days where a mustang can not only be powerful but also a family car. I have been selling performance mustang parts for a while now so my GT has plenty of get up and Go

Anonymous said...

I hear ya brother,my beef is with the focus ,in europe they have 300 hp awd to compete with the wrx and evo,What do we get ?f'in garbage. The damn car is already engineered it can't be that hard to make it US compatable.I think ford is worried because it would kill a stang on the track but isn't that good reason to make the stang better? Don't even get me started on the crown vic, that thing is antique.Where did the interceptor concept go? Wasn't that supposed to be the new crown vic? I am one sad ford fan.