Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ford's latest green effort, seat fabrics from recycled plastic bottles..

In the article from Reuters linked in the title, they're discussing Ford Motor Company's latest efforts to be green...... Making seat fabrics from recycled bottles. I applaud the effort, but want to remind folks that this is just the latest in a long history of Ford's cutting edge ideas on being green.
From the earliest days of Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford was concerned about sustainable energy and alternative technologies. Look it up for yourself or go through my archives to read all about his research into uses for Soybeans in production materials and even as fuel. Bio Fuel over 80 years ago. Look up BaekOLite ( check spelling before you do) that was plastic alternative made from soybeans. Ford Motor Company has visited these ideas many times over the last 100 years. While I consider Bill Ford to be a more agreeable person than his great grandfather, his eco friendsly ideas do seem to be in his DNA. I can't recall the vehicle now, but I've seen photos from the late 40's/early 50's showing a concept Ford built using Soybean materials for interior materials.

And not long after Bill Ford took over in 1999 he rolled out the Model U concept, which again showcased alternative material usage.

And then there's the Reflex! I love when I can slip a Reflex into a post. Welll, back to the Green factors. The Reflex concept showed a Diesel/Hybrid powertrain with solar panels in the roof and an interior heavilly fitted with recycled materials, in this case I believe old sneakers.
So, while it's obvious many manufacturers are now trying to develop "Green" technology, let's not forget that it's been in FoMoCo's DNA for a hundred years.

With one of the best real world Hybrids (2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid) and research and development on Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines, Recycled materials and alternative energy. Ford's no new comer to the game. I hate to bash another makers, but it's Sunday and not many people will be reading this. My neighbor recently bought a Saturn Vue Hybrid and he's quite smug about it. I didn't have it in my heart to point out that his "Mild Hybrid" system is quite frankly a joke compared to Ford's system in the Escape and especially the new Fusion.
I may not like the putz, but there's no need to pee on his parade.
Look up for yourself how Ford's history is one of inovation and safety.

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