Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finally a Hybrid that works for everyone! 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

I snagged this video of a New York state Ford dealer doing a video walk around of the new 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. But the more I learn about it, I realize that this is a Hybrid that blows my previous objections to Hybrids away! I for a long time had been saying that Hybrids really only make sense for folks that do an Urban driving loop, but the Fusion's 41 mpg city is really only half the story. Highway rated at 36 mpg is great, but what really tops the list is the Fusion's ability to run on Electric only up to 47 mph! I was thinking about that in relation to my daily drive and realized that I could drive a Fusion Hybrid on mostly electric power without hypermilling and probably only have to refuel once a month.

I live and work in the suburbs doing only short stints on highways and usually doing 45 mph or lower. And the Fusion Hybrid seats real adults in comfort and has a usable trunk. The Escape Hybrid was impressive enough, but it switched to the internal combustion engine at speeds over 20 mph. Now, I know that the Prius gets better fuel economy, but the Fusion is a more paletable Hybrid for everyday people.

The only thing that hurts really is the $27k pricetag. I wonder when Ford will have a Hybrid Focus? I'm sure it will meet or exceed the Fusion's economy and hopefully be under $25k.

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