Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fiesta Movement? Not for this suburban New Yorker

I'm guessing the New York Auto Show was as close as I'll get to the new Ford Fiesta, until they reach dealers next year. I honestly didn't bother applying for the Fiesta Movement program. I'm not some perky 20something who's all over Facebook and Twitter and MySpace. I don't make stupid videos demanding the world's attention and believe me the world is a happier place for that. But, I did check the Fiesta Movement site (and registered for updates) to see about the tour they're promissing of 100 cities across the country. But when I go to the "Northeast" there's no New York? Maybe later in the year?

I know that marketing people think it's only young hip folks that buy cars like this, but they are wrong. I know Toyota counted on the younger generation to buy Scions, but you know who I see driving the boxy little hip-mobiles? Mostly women over 40.

I'd love to be able to take a little spin in a Fiesta and then tell you all what a great little car it is, but I'm not willing to jump through hoops to entertain the world.

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