Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Carscoop has further details about the Idiot who's Fiesta wasn't stolen

Self described Fun Consultant The Idiot ( I'm not using his name cause I don't want to give him any more exposure) has quite the history. Hell, there's even a Wikipdia article on him and of course he has multiple websites. This whole "Help your car was stolen!" twipisode seems like nothing more than a publicity stunt. As you know, the car was actually impounded by NYC.

Was it P.T.Barnun who said there's no such thing as bad press? I guess Ford's thinking was along the same lines with the Fiesta Movement. Let's see if we hear about The Idiot getting the Fiesta back. Maybe Ford should move to the B-Team, before their Fiesta ends up in the East River.

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