Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just when you think you know it all, Jalopnik shows you something new

I've always obsessed on all things Ford, but just when I thought I knew all of the concepts and foreign Fords (Latin American, European, Australian etc..) Jalopnik shows I don't know it all.
And of course another opportunity to show a pic of the Reflex ( I really should get therapy.)
Jalopnik has a post on concept cars circa 1999 ( cue Prince song here) and among them was this odd little concept from the Tokyo Motor Show. I know this wasn't at the New York show, I haven't missed one of those since 1977. It's sort of cool, in an odd way. Sort of like the Nissan Figaro. It's sort of retro Anglia meets New Wave. Go hit the link in the title to see what other cars of the future didn't make it.

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Sebastian - Phashion Army said...

Cool Blog! Love it Joe! Great job! and ohhh I love concept cars & I also love my Ford Fiesta - such an amazing car.

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