Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Again, while GM & Chrysler fumble FoMoCo reopens Cleveland plant!

Yet more evidence that I can "dream" again and not have night terrors that Ford will fail.
Signs of life again a Ford's Cleveland Engine Plant, where they reopened after closing 2 years ago. 250 people are going back to work to build EcoBoost powertrains.

Now I'm not trying to blow smoke up anyone's tailpipe ( nice how I kept that PG wasn't it ) I know that FoMoCo has work to do, but while the recent trend is to loose big money, teeter on bankruptcy and close dealers and plants left and right, it's nice to see Ford trending carefully in the oposite direction.

And you know what, we can all thank one man, Alan Mullaly. He's not Santa Claus or Jesus Christ, but he's been smart enough to plan ahead. Ford leveraged everything BEFORE the credit markets dried up. Ford did not take bailout loans. Ford watched their stock climb and then sold new issues to finance VEBA. Ford has great product coming down the pipeline. Are they out of the woods? No, but they have a plan!

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