Wednesday, May 06, 2009

UK Fords that I'd love to own....

Ford has offered some fantastic cars here in the states over the years, but there have always been some forbiden fruit on the other side of the pond. Like the Ford RS 200. This insanely powerful street legal rally car. I saw online recently that one of these appears in the new Fast & Furious movie?
And while this was available in the US for a few years, I'd still love to be able to buy one of the rarer RS3000 or Tickford versions.

The Mk5 Fiesta, especially the ST version was another one that I've always envied. Even when the Fiesta does arrive here in the states, it's unlikely that we'll see an ST version. But with 150 hp this little car must be a blast!

And what about the Ford Puma ! Now this is a cool little car.
And for those Top Gear fans, this was their Car Of The Year in 2000 and there's a video on YouTube showing Tiff Needel tossing one around and shaking up Clarkson.
And another video, that I've posted in the past of Tiff giving stunt driving tips in one.
Maybe some day? One can dream, can't one.

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