Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flashback to Bio Fuel and Alternative fuel talk at MyFordDreams

3 years ago I posted about Bio Fuels and the post was good enough to be mentioned by esteemed blogger Mark Tapscott, who is also a professional journalist and at the time was the man behind Carnival of Cars. And today, I took the time to do a quick Google search for MyFordDreams. ( I bought a T-shirt last year that says " When I'm alone, I Google myself ")
And so I was inspired to revisit this subject and I've linked to the original 2006 post in the title.

Bio Fuels, it's been the buzz for several years now. We've seen Television and Internet pieces about the idea, local newspaper pieces on "Grease Cars" and Bio Fuel Stills run by regular folks getting the used veggie oil from local fast food joints. But that's only a small part of the story.

I had even been so inspired by the subject that I started another blog, that died quickly, Alternative Fuel Universe But even though I haven't blogged about it I haven't given up on the idea. It's an obvious solution to several important problems, from our Environment, Economy to National Security. Energy Independance is more than a handy catch phrase, it should be a very serious goal. Hybrids are the current magic pill and part of our future to be sure, but many people know that Bio Fuels are a better answer. Not that it's an overnight solution, it will take years to get it implimented.

I'd like to recant one question I raised in the original 2006 post. I don't see Corn or Soy Beans as viable sources for Bio Fuel. Since the original post I've learned about developments in the field by companies like Solazyme using algae. Like I said in 2006 it could take decades to get this fully implemented, but I no longer think it will take 90 years.

Read the original post, do a Google search and blog search on Bio Fuel, it's food for thougt.
Oh wow, that was a horrible pun, food for thought. At least I didn't say it's food for fuel. Doh!

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