Tuesday, May 26, 2009

TheCarConnection's review of the 2008 Ranger, with permission

Readers will know of my love for the Ford Ranger and my hopes that a new Ranger will come in the next few years. But with permission of TheCarConnection I'm linking to and reposting a detailed review they did of the 08 Ranger.
UPDATE, edited to comply with Fair use, see the review at link in title
Reason Why:
The most direct competitors for the Ranger are the GMC Canyon/Chevrolet Colorado compact trucks. The Ranger has a smoother V-6 engine, but the GM twins have an optional five-cylinder engine with more power. The Canyon and Colorado also offer a true four-door model with a back bench seat, though it's uncomfortable for long trips. The Mazda B-Series is a version of the Ranger that Ford supplies to its Japanese partner; you may prefer the B-Series' styling.
The Bottom Line:
The 2008 Ford Ranger’s best, highest use is as an inexpensive work truck or off-road play toy. Anything else exposes the flaws in its seating, its fuel economy, its available features and in its performance.
Marty Padget, the Executive Editor wrote the above. And there are even more detailed information available on their sidebar. I'm trying something new here. Since I don't have access to new vehicles to review them, I spoke to TheCarConnection and I'm trying this out.
There could be more coming as we develop a relationship over the coming weeks, I'll keep you updated if this works out.

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