Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Ebay auction of cap signed by Carroll Shelby!

The man the legend Carroll Shelby. And for a meager sum you can have a momento of the legend and help your intrepid blogger.
On e-bay, I have an item I'm auctioning that many true blue Ford and Shelby lovers may want to add to their collection.

No, I don't have the car to auction, be real I have a Ranger and a Mazda3, if I could afford a Shelby I wouldn't be blogging, I'd be out tearing up the streets!

But, I have a limited edition signed baeball cap for auction.
Never worn, adjustable size, in great condition, signed by the legend himself.
In order to celebrate the release of the 2006 Shelby GTH Hertz special, the man himself signed caps for employees of Hertz and one of these gems found it's way into my true blue paws.

But, alas circumstances force me to sell.
So head on over to ebay and look it up!
Item # 270386585014

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