Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sync improvements may allow me to get my Mojo on the run!

There's been a lot of buzz about Ford and Microsoft's new SYNC system, including the story about CEO to CEO delivery of a new Ford Fusion Hybrid, which Scott Monty corrected me on, was a real purchase that Steve Balmer made. And not being a real Tech Guy, SYNC originally didn't appeal to me.
But of course I now have an MP3 player, a Bluetooth Cell Phone and having seen all the rave reviews I look forward to experiencing SYNC in my next Ford purchase. I have a portable hard drive that will plug right into the USB port and give me days of music, never mind just the MP3 or Flash Drive, I'll be bringing the digital equivilent of my entire CD collection and then some!
But there's more! SYNC now will rival OnStar with their 911 assistance and of course it's integrated into the Nav system as well.

There's been a lot of buzz about SYNC being able to stream Internet Radio as well.
And Pandora is mentioned in quite a few pieces I've read. I checked Pandora, it's ok, I guess.
It's a "music discovery" service. You plug in artists or songs you like and it creates a playlist just for you. No really my cup of tea. If Im going to listen to Internet Radio, I'd prefer something just a little more unique.

And if SYNC can stream Pandora, I'm sure it'll be able to stream KMRL Mojo Radio Live as well.
I've been listening to KMRL for years and it's got a default rotation, but it's also got DJs, you remember those right? On Air Personalities if you prefer, but no commercials. It's free and it's fun. Pandora is so impersonal, Mojo Radio Live has that certain fun factor you can't get from an MP3 or other Internet "music discovery" services.

So, as I ponder my next Ford purchase ( maybe a Kuga? ) I'll be checking the SYNC system and contemplating getting my Mojo on the next road trip!

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