Tuesday, May 05, 2009

CUVs killed the Woody Wagon ( sung to the tune of Video Killed the Radio Star)

Quick trivia question! What song was the first video played on MTV? Well, it was Video Killed The Radio Star by The Buggles of course. And what killed the Woody Wagon? Well, that's not as clear, it was most probably the Mini Van, but what's replacing it now is the CUV. And while I think CUVs make a lot of sense, I miss the wood.
I see these all over now and I'm sure Ford is greatful for that. The Edge CUV is a knock out.
It's got great styling and interior. The powertrain and chassis are good and it's almost a perfect family truckster. ALMOST
It seats 5, not 7 or 9. There's no third row seating. But do people really drive with that many kids anymore? I don't have kids, so the Edge is big for me.

Ford's answer to those that need the space, is the Flex. I HATE that name!
Stupid naming schemes again, but I'm not going to rant on that one, been there done that.
Built on the Taurus chassis and replacing the TaurusX/FreeStyle, the Flex has styling that you either love or hate. But, it seats 7 easily and has great chassis and interior.

But where's my wood? At one time Station Wagons were so American, and then even as they declined here, they thrived in Europe, especially the UK. But even there wagons are being replaced by MPVs, CUVs and the like. It's the alphabet killer against my beloved wagons.
I spent an hour on E-bay Motors this afternoon looking up Country Squires and other Ford Wagons. I'd love to find an old Pinto Squire. But, if I had a family, I'd follow the herd to the alphabet stew.

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