Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Has it really been 20 years? Seems like yesterday

So, I'm reading all over, The Garage, AutoBlog and Jalopnik for example, about the MX-5 Miata turning 20 years old this month. And I'm feeling old. Seems like just yesterday the cute little roadster came out. The perfect little fun vehicle, a replacement for all of the MGs, Triumphs and Alphas that just stopped coming. All the charm and fun of a European roadster with the reliability that just wasn't present in it's forebearers. As a kid I dreamed of Triumph TR6s, MGBs and Spitfires, but I had heard of the unreliable nature of these classics. One of my best friends was a FIAT man and had several Fiat 124 Spiders. He needed several, you know why, cause if he wanted to drive one, his luck would be better that one of them would start.

When the Miata first came out all the guys thought it was just a girls car, that is until they saw them winning SCCA events and drove them. I remember driving my brother's 2002 (?) Miata Limited Edition, what great handling car, with just enough power to feel zippy. And this past holiday weekend, a friend tossed me the keys to his brand new MX-5 with the retractable hardtop, to make a beer run, since I don't drink he knew it would be safe. And the instant smile could be seen as I zipped down the road.

Has it really been 20 years? Damn I'm old. One of these days I'll get a Miata, probably used, just as a weekend toy.

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