Monday, May 04, 2009

A Hybrid for those that need more than Eco Cred!

Absolutely amazing! I knew Ford could do it. I loved the Escape Hybrid, but with the new Fusion Hybrid, they've raised the bar in so many ways. Sure a Prius gets better milage, but the Fusion gives a Hybrid option to real folks and blows away competitors with 41mpg City!
This is a car that is truly an accessable and reasonable car for the masses. Kudos to Ford!
Not just a car for the trendy crowd. I'll give you an example, my neighbor bought a new Saturn Vue Hybrid, but GM's "Mild Hybrids" may have huge flashy graphics down the side, but what about MPG? And of course the Hollywood elite all want to be seen in a Prius. But if you want to blend in and get the real world benefits, without having to anounce to the world that you're "Green" this is the one to get.
I have a real bone to pick with New York City by the way! I read recently that they bought a bunch of Nissan Altima Hybrids. Why in the hell would they do that? Why not buy Fusion Hybrids?

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