Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shelby cap has a proud new owner!

About 2 weeks ago I decided that since funds were low I'd have to sell the centerpiece of my collection a commerortive baseball cap for the 2006 Hertz special Shelby GTH Mustang that was signed by Carroll Shelby himself. I never wore the cap, didn't want to damage it, so it sat on a shelf surounded by my die cast cars collecting a little dust. Well, the e-Bay auction ended Saturday night and Monday around noon I shipped it off to the winner.

So, I got a little curious about who bought it and looked at their e-Bay profile.
And it looks like this hat went to a very devoted Mustang fanatic. His purchases over the last few months imply that he has a 2006 Mustang and he's tastefully personalizing it with accessories. It's even possible that he has a Shelby GTH.

I hope he enjoys the hat, but really feel better knowing that he's a true blue oval fanatic!

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