Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My love of all things small and Ford

It must be months since I've had my Reflex Fix! I loved this concept, the lines are great. I've always said I could do without the butterfly doors, but I love the idea of a little 2+2 coupe.
Hell, I love all things small and Ford. From the domestic Fords like the Pinto/Bobcat twins to the foreign Fords like the Cortina, Capri, Puma, Fiesta and Ka and especially the "global" Fords Escort and Focus. I love all Fords, but I've always had a warm spot in my heart for the little guys. That's one of the reasons I'm anticipating the arrival of the Fiesta next year. I have to admit I wasn't a huge fan of the Tempo/Topaz twins, but the EXP/LN7 and the ZX2 were neat.
I remember when I went to Ireland in 2003 drooling over the Ford Fusion MPV, not to be confused with our Fusion midsize sedan, the Fusion MPV was based on the Fiesta platform.
And when I would watch old british movies or TV shows I'd get excited about seeing an old Escort or Capri. And I'm not just talking about the Lotus versions either. Hell, I'm a Pinto guy, I like them all.

When I was a kid, my mom bought a 71 Pinto 2 door. It was the 2.0 L with an automatic, admittedly not the fastest car on the block and to many not the coolest. But I loved that car. And later when my dad bought a 73 Pinto Wagon, I knew I was hooked. Then when I was in college I bought a used 79 Pinto from an ex-nun, 2.3L with the 4 spd manual. I had a blast with that car! It was chocolate brown with a mustard interior, had no A/C and the radio didn't work, but it's the car I taught myself to drive stick in. My mom bought her firts New car in 1982, an Escort in bright red with the blacked out trim the metric rims and 4 spd Manual. We called her Maria Andretti when she drove that. My next little Ford was my first ever new car the 1988 Ford Festiva. Only 1.3 L and 68 hp, but it was the LX model so it had the 5 spd and a nice interior, still no A/C. This was a great car. I would race my friends in this, sure I'd loose, but it was tossable and I did get a speeding ticket upstate doing 100 mph, all the while getting 40 mpg.

And my love of all things small and Ford makes me as green (with envy) as this FiestaMovement car. I'm not hip enough to be one of Ford's Agents. I didn't even apply, because I didn't want to make a video. I'm actually kind of shy and reserved. But recently I joined Twitter, just so I can Follow some of the Fiesta Movement news.

I should have made a video, Doh! But I'm not really the Movement's demographic, I'm 44 and not "hip". Sure, I blog, I MySpace and Facebook, and finally Tweet(?) but I've got a job and a life (despite the obsessive blogging about Ford) that wouldn't allow me to participate in all the missions. But I can tell you what I'd do if I did have one of these Fiestas. I'd take it to local car cruises and shows. I'd drive it up and down the local strip and to Dunkin Donuts to refule on Java. And I'm going to Cape Cod this summer for a week, I'd take it and park it in the busiest section of Provincetown and just stand there telling people about it. Oh and I'd blog,facebook, myspace and finally tweet about it too. But more importantly, I'll probably buy one when they do get here. So much for marketing and demographics, a "middle aged" man (wow that hurt) would actually buy a Fiesta.

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