Monday, May 18, 2009

Finally getting in the game, Ford to offer 400 hp 5.0 V-8 ! Looks like Igor was right

Autoblog is reporting that Ford is finally getting back into the horsepower game.
Looks like frequent commentor Igor was right. Not that there hadn't been plenty of rumors and stories about the return of the 5.0 for a while now, but it looks like a new 32 valve DOHC V-8 with 400 hp and 400 lb ft of torque will be coming in 2010. And mention of an EcoBoost V-6 as well.

It's about blooddy time! The current 315-320 hp GT and 210 hp base are no slouches, but wtih everybody and their mother offering more power, it's just not good enough to be the bargain muscle car anymore. When the Mustang was the only Pony Car on the market, Ford could breathe easy. But competition is strong now, with the rebirth of the Challenger and Camaro, both outgunning the current Mustang. And don't forget the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, with it's base 2.0 Turbo I-4 beating base Mustang's 210 hp, and the V-6 putting out 360 hp.

This is great news, now when can we expect that IRS? When will the Mustang be truly comparable to the pack?

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