Friday, May 08, 2009

Ford's loss statement not so bad and Bone to pick with NYC

We all read about Ford and GM's loss statements this quarter, Ford lost $1.4Billion and GM lost $6Billion. But when I read about Toyota's $7Billion loss my jaw dropped. And I read at AutoBlog recently that Ford has had a lower percentage drop in sales than many of it's competitors.
Part of that is the fact that Ford has recently introduced some great product and refreshes.
Some say it's also a benefit of Ford not taking any "bailout" loans from Uncle Sam.
I'm just greatful that Ford looks like they'll weather this economic storm.
It doesn't hurt that Ford is moving quickly to reorganize their production mix and build the new Focus and Fiesta in the United States and Mexico.
This should have been a seperate post, but I'm lazy. I have a major bone to pick with New York City. Recently they bought a small fleet of Nissan Altima Hybrids to test as patrol cars.
I'm all in favor of some hybrids being purchase for government fleets as well as taxis.
But in this economy and just as good policy, shouldn't they have bought domestic hybrids?
Doesn't the Ford Fusion Hybrid get better milage in the city loop than any of it's competitors?
Shame on New York! Whoever made the decision to go with the Nissan needs to brought into a back room and beating with a phone book.

I have to say the Fusion Hybrid just makes so much more sense.
And as I was reading The Auto Prophet's latest post, Hybrids ( especially domestics ) not only give you that warm fuzzy Eco Cred, but they help improve our fuel independance and national security! Not that Hybrids are the only solution, Ford's Eco Boost equipped vehicles will also go a long way to be greenish.

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