Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Mustangs you see when you don't have a camera! Damn!

So, today is a beautiful near summer day and I was out running errands this morning, when I come to a red light. I hear before I see a row of SVT Mustang Cobras and other modified pony cars and as is Murphy's Law, that's when I realise I've left my camera at home. Doh!
It was 9:30 am and the road was empty as 20-25 very nice examples of Dearborn's greatest rolled by me. The sound of Superchargers and tuned exhaust filling the semi-industrial area with music to my ears.

I had even bought a small digital camera like this one just for this type of thing.
But dumb me I brought it in the house to download some photos from a party and left it on my desk.

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