Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mulally delivers Millionth Sync equipped unit to Steve Balmer, from one CEO to another, but how cool would it have been if.....

So, FoMoCo's CEO Alan Mulally presented the millionth SYNC equipped Ford to Microsoft's CEO Steve Balmer today. In what's purely a cross promotional move I'm sure. But that got me thinking, would a CEO drive a Fusion Hybrid? Maybe, probably to get the Eco Cred, but if I was CEO of Microsoft, or any other company I'd want something a little more special...
And that got me thinking, can we expect to see an MKZ Hybrid? I mean why not, Lexus has Hybrids, including their new unit which is a tarted up Prius. But I'd want an MKZ or even an MKS. Well, maybe I'd want a Hybrid MKZ and EcoBoost MKS!

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Scott Monty said...

Thanks, BFF. Ballmer picked out and bought his own car. Mulally merely delivered it.

Who knows what will come next on the hybrid front? But pay attention to what we're doing with the EcoBoost moving forward - there's going to be a lot of activity there.

Scott Monty
Global Digital Communications
Ford Motor Company@ScottMonty