Saturday, May 23, 2009

Coffee time with the FIESTA MOVEMENT videos on YouTube

So, after a hellish week, working 12 hour overnight shifts at my real job, how do I spend my relaxing Saturday morning? Why sitting in my boxer shorts with an extra large Dunkin Donuts coffee ( the best! screw Starbucks) watching Fieasta Movement videos on YouTube.

Ok, so you didn't need that visual, well some of you may have, but most of you are now weezy at the thought of a middle aged stocky/hairy man in boxer shorts. Well, I've always said, I'm not Jalopnik or AutoBlog. Sometimes you get a glimpse into my life. Not much, just a teaser.

But seriously, I've been anticipating the Fiesta for a long time, check check my archives here and at and you'll see for yourself. And I got up way too early, so it's coffee and feeding my Blue Oval addiction.

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