Thursday, May 21, 2009

only 98 bottles left on the wall? 2nd Fiesta stolen

So, at least 2 Fiestas are MIA, the one stolen from Brooklyn and now another.
I had read a couple of days ago that the Brooklyn Fiesta was found in DC, but SM of the Fiesta Movement said on Twitter that the DC car was a different Agent's. So, does that mean there's 2 stolen Fiestas? What about the GPS tracking?
In my youth I knew some shady fellas, long before Lo-Jack or GPS of any kind. And these fellas, who I haven't spoken to in 25 years and knew only cassually, would brag that could boost a car and get it to Port Elizabeth, where it would be shipped out to Latin America in a matter of days.

So, do you think Hugo Chavez is tooling around in one of these stolen Fiestas?

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