Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I was asked what I thought of the 2010 Taurus, so here it is.....

No real surprise, I like it! I loved it as the Five Hundred, because of it's great chassis and interior and I love the improved styling and switch to the Taurus name. I always thought the Five Hundred should have been called the LTD or Galaxie, but Taurus will do.

I have to say that it's over 4,000 lb curb weight is amazing, but not so when you compare it to the 3,000 lbs or more of your average "compact" car. Finally the 260+ hp of the 3.5 V6 matches it's competition. And of course you've got to love the new SHO.

But go over to Driving Enthusiasts.Net, and read what Jeff Fisher has to say.
He contrasts the new SHO to the Fusion Sport and points out that the Fusion Sport more closely reflects the spirit of the original SHO. Don't get me wrong, the 355 hp EcoBoost SHO is a dream come true on paper. God, I'd love to see that engine in a Mustang!

But overall, I think the 2010 Taurus is just a great car. And professional reviews say that the faster you go the better it feels. I will be among the very few sad to see the TaurusX/FreeStyle go. I know the Flex is the same car under the skin and that Station Wagons have fallen out of favor, but I swear they should have called that one Fairlane or Country Squire, maybe even brought back a limited edition woodside?

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