Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sorry about the "Weasel" thing Bill...

So, I was looking to see who is looking at me and I noticed there was a visitor from Livonia MI and it was someone from FoMoCo. And they had done a Google search for Bill Ford that landed on my post about CNN Money's profile of Alan Mulally. Cool huh? Yeah, maybe not so cool, because in that post I mentioned that in the past I had referred to Bill Ford as a weasel.

Well, I was pissed, Ford was making stupid moves and watching market share drop. I haven't called him a weasel in at least a year. I'm not going to shine his shoes, but I forgive him.
Let's hope he's got a sense of humor too. On the road I'm going to be keeping a close eye in the rearview, making sure a squad of hitmen in new Lincoln MKSs don't try and put me in the ditch. My little Mazda3 wouldn't be much of a match.

Good to see recent visits from FoMoCo, maybe if they'd dropped in back in 05 or 06 they'd be closer to their "Way Forward" and profit? Not to be too smug, but a lot of what Mulally's doing is what I said back then.

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