Monday, June 15, 2009

Planes hits Ranger, Ranger wins!

An Australian newspaper has a story of a plane near Johanesburg South Africa that crashed into the front of a Ford Ranger Crew Cab and thankfully nobody died! Nobody in the Ranger was even seriously injured. I heard about this when on Twitter, there was a tweet from FordAPA saying Plane hits Ford "SUV" I guess this proves that old tag line "Built Ford Tough"!

I of course was amused that someone at FordAPA confused the Ranger Crew Cab for an SUV.
Maybe they're not familiar with the Australian term Ute? But looking at the picture, you can see the pickup bed. The Explorer Sport Trac isn't sold in South Africa, but the Ranger Crew Cab is.
Take a look at this picture of an un-dammaged Ranger and see for yourself. And wonder why Ford never sold this here in the US

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