Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ford continues to inovate, patent articles show "Driving Inovation"..

Ford Motor Company has a long history of inovation. And a few years ago, when Bill Ford coined the new moto Ford "Driving Inovation" it was signaling that history would be repeating itself yet again. First some highlihts, Ford was the first to use the assembly line process for manufacturing automobiles. When Ford came out with it's flathead V-8 in 1932, that was a huge leap in lightweight, relatively powerful technology that was available to "everyone". Sure there had been V-8's prior to 1932, but this was indeed an inovation, because it put a reliable, powerful powerplant within reach of the average buyer. Ford was also the first to use Safety Glass.
Henry Ford, the tinkerer, was famous for his exploration of alternative fuel and alternative material technology. So, it should be no surprise that........
The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid is the most patented car in history, as seen in the article linked in title from AutoBlog. I love the quote from Christine Wren, director of business development for The Patent Board - "Ford's patented technologies are closer to the cutting edge than its competitors" I would bet that she doesn't just mean Domestic competitors. Ford has been working on Hybrid Technology, alternative fuel techonology and other fuel saving techonologies such as EcoBoost as a direct result of Bill Ford's vision as he stated when he took over in 2000.
So it was a bonus find on the below

motorauthority has an article on the upcoming "Scorpion" V-8 from FoMoCo, a 4valve per cylinder pushrod engine with inboard exhaust feeding a turbo charger and outboard intake.
We've seen this idea before, I believe GM and BMW among others have explored this reverese flow idea. The article states it could be used for Gasoline or Diesel applications, but I believe this is going to be strictly Diesels, but who knows.
So young Bill Ford is following in his great grandfather's footsteps by Driving Inovation at the Plant that Henry built.

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