Monday, June 22, 2009

FoMoCo Mustang news that I just can't get excited about....

So, I've been seeing tons of tweets and blog posts on some new Mustang "news" that I just can't get excited about. The return of the glass roof option for 2009. Had they stopped this? Will it continue for 2010? While it's something that sounds cool and looks good, it's always been something I have an issue with. Mustangs have not had moonroofs from the factory for at least the last 19 years, maybe more. I remember I wanted one on my 91 Mustang and the dealer told me that Ford didn't offer it. He suggested I get a convertible. Ok, flash forward to 1994 and the "new" Mustang, still no sun/moonroof, but there was the convertible option. Ok, so now jump ahead a decade and the 2004 release of the 2005 "All New" Mustang! Nope, no sun/moonroof.
I seem to be alone in missing the moonroof, an option I've had inseveral cars. But a couple of years ago Ford decided to offer the glass panoramic roof, nice! But, it doesn't open. And it has a sunshade so your chrome dome doesn't get third degree burns. But it doesn't open! So, it's back.
Even the Hyundai Genesis Coupe has a moonroof. I'm going to have to check GM and Chrysler to see if the Chalenger and Camaro have moonroof options. Glass roof, big deal.

And in further farce news, there's a 45th Aniversary Lee Iacocca special edition Mustang.
Not from FoMoCo, but from Galpin Ford in So Cal? Special body kit, only 45 to be made, blah blah blah..... Who cares? I'm sure they'll sell every one of them, but who really cares, other than the few collectors.

You know what, if you want to send me good news about the Mustang, tell me they're finally going to put a 21st century suspension under the rear.

If you want the latest news on these two "special" Mustangs, visit AutoBlog, Jalopnik or one of the media sites listed in sidebar. I'm waiting for some REAL Mustang news.

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