Sunday, June 21, 2009

Detroit News asks how Henry Ford would react to what's happening today in

Interesting article at the Detroit News ( linked in title) asks what Henry Ford would think about current events in the world, especially the auto industry. Bill Ford jr says that it would not surprise his great grandfather, considering Ford's roller coaster history of bankruptcies. "Most of this wouldn't shock him because a lot of this happened during his lifetime," says Bill,

Douglas Brinkley, author of "Wheels for the World: Henry Ford, His Company, and a Century of Progress," which I read several years ago, commented also, pointing out Henry's first auto company Detroit Automobile failed.

And let's not forget Government involvement in the 40's, when after Edsel Ford passed away and the US Navy released Henry Ford II from service to come back and run the company.

Interesting piece. I personally think that the real question should be how would Edsel or Henry II view curent events. Edsel was a greater businessman than his father and Henry II saw Ford through some of their toughest times also.

Henry Ford was capricious and without his offspring FoMoCo could have been history as long ago as 1927 or again in 1943.

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