Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ford's response to Cash For Clunkers in US, LetFordRecycleYourRide

Jim Farley, FoMoCo's GVP for Marketing talks about Ford's response to the "Cash for Clunkers" legislation, Ford has opened a website, linked in title, called where you can learn more about what the program is about and what Ford products qualify.

If you qualify, you had better act fast! And that's a big "IF" as to qualifying. From what I've heard and read, your "clunker" has to be at least 8 years old (2001) but no older than 25 (1984) and the new vehicle's new fuel rating compared to your clunker's will determine how much you'll get. I've heard the reason for the no older than 25 years, is the effect of lobbying by classic car groups. And to me that makes sense, how many people have 25 year old cars and would be in the market for a new car? Let's not crush all those "classic" civics, GLCs and Celicas.

Seriously, if I saw someone trying to scrap and 84 SVO I'd be crying. But hey, if you really want to scrap that Z/28, go ahead. And while you're at it, cut off the mullet.

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Ju said...

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